[iPhone] Shitsuji no Maris to Kan no shujin

Butler Maris & House Owner & Slave Maid *sob*

Brought to you by Social Q and beautifully illustrated by Toumei, their main illustrator for various apps released under their company name such as Arukoi Nouhyouhen and Yowasete Kyabajou.

I have played abit on Arukoi Nouhyouhen (Since that one is voiced and supposed to be Otome game themed), however I still prefer this one so I've decided to make a post on it. Most probably because Toumei does a better on with female character designs than male character designs. Well I mean, Toumei did receive the most outstanding award for Phantom of Kill illustration contest which is of a girl character (I only know since the description of the award is on all their apps lol)!

Surprisingly the sleeves is just 3 quarters...? XD

Yui was suddenly asked by Miyashiro to be a maid at the famous Kuragane house, along with a talking black cat called Maris and the house owner called Haruto. The house is basically empty with just the 3 of them since the parents are overseas and the rest are just their animals friends...

Whilst cleaning up the rubbish from the chores, you could obtain Take a walk ticket to see Maris friends! Fill the album up!

Learn by answering Maris's quiz whilst doing chores as a maid! Once you have completed the chores (stage) by tapping onto the maid, you will be asked quiz to unlock story (scenarios). Like Who wants to be a millionaire (In this case, who wants to be a maid - plus you don't get money lol), you get 4 answers to choose from, plus you get hints such as phone a friend or 50:50 chances where they remove the 2 least likely options.

* When it's becoming too much to clean (Where you have a screen full of tasks to tap to clear), ask Maris to help (Up to a maximum of 5 times) to clean up all in one go.
* Answer Maris's quiz to level up to reduce the amount of tapping required to finish the chores and makes it easier to unlock the story. Use hint as required for the quiz... especially when you're on the 4th or 5th of the quiz level and you have all the right answers already.
* Try to clear each quiz level one by one as the questions are the same if you were to play again for the level. You have a maximum of 3 tries before you recover your stamina. To be honest, if you know Japanese well enough, you could probably get the correct answer. Most cases, the answers involves breaking up the words to sound like and means something else.

Soooo... our heroine (Including players)'s brain size is probably smaller than the cat. orz But saying that, most of the question that was asked in Maris's quiz have nothing to do with house keeping skills. Some of them I was able to make sense out of, the rest were just blur to me.

I think it would be interesting if Maris doesn't really talk but is actually Haruto talking through Maris nor will Maris turn out to be transformed into a cat at day time due to a certain curse of some sort, but unfortunately this isn't otome game...!

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