[iPhone] Gintama Kabukicho Daikakugeki

Enter the Gintama Universe!

Brought to you by Bandai Namco Entertainment! They have been bringing out alot more anime titles, so I would suggest to check out their apps regularly.

In case you haven't realised, I have a bias towards Gintama, despite many of my friends don't really get what's so good about Gintama! But it deserve a post among all my other otome game post. lol

Time killer!
All the popular playable characters! There are alot more other unwanted ones that I got from the gacha that are not on here though. lol

You become one of the member of the Kabukicho and follow the stories in the Gintama universe with the Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura and many more familiar faces...!

Set up your very own team by collecting members (Ranges from Yorozuya, Shinsengumi, Jooi etc up to a maximum of 5, and you could arrange who is in the front/back row) between attack/defense/healing types, leveling up characters, weapons / equipment and skills!


During the battle, you could arrange your characters in the order of attack. Link their skills for attack combo (This allows no break between enemy attacks) when they special attacked bar is full! Aim to clear the stage with 3 stars rating for chance to get bonus items!

There are also mini games in the request that are pretty fun. They do rotate from time to time and as you level you unlock more mini games!

* Add Friends as they give you life to continue (Non stop gameplay)! Keep selecting add friends - there's bound to be someone adding you back. Otherwise, add me. lol
* Gacha for the chance of the characters you want (I find most of them were junk though. Took me 5 tries to get Okita and that's when I stopped. Well I did Tama around third try but still wasn't what I wanted. I later did for Kamui but ended up with bunch of junk characters! lol And I was right, as I doubt prior to it that I have that kind of luck! Once you're done with it (Got your favourite team of 5), just do gacha for equipment as they could be transferred between characters.
* Level up the weapon / equipment! They could be swapped between characters. *Gives Gintoki the best equipment and the Boro Boro ones to the remaining members* lol Try to focus on the 5 characters that you're actively using.
* Keep Tae on the team for healing - unless you have high attack/defense. This will reduce the chances of characters being killed and enable you to get 3 stars score for each stage.
* Ensure you skill up the characters too by collecting their spirits! Gintoki's spirit is only released via Sentai, then select Samurai Tamashi!

There are anime cut scenes during the quest mode before and after the stage which is good for revisit of the anime.

I didn't like how some options requires your avatar to walk to the object to trigger the action. lol I did like to see the town in RPG style, but probably at my leisure.

I find the whole gameplay requires you to be very active, I was playing non stop until I fell asleep. lol I like how they retain the HP if you level up and went above the HP gauge. But generally the game does get very repetitive, so I would recommend playing it (You really just need to have your finger on the ) while watching TV or something.

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