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Real Life Escape Room 3 @ CT Adventure

So... Since my last failure to escape from the Break the Code escape room with the Lost challenge with my other group of friends, we haven't been on to another escape room anymore! Although I love the decoration within the room for the last one, not being able to escape really hit us (Suppose problem of having too many people on a team).

This time I went with another smaller group of friends but unfortunately, one bail out last minute so we only ended up having only 3 people.

This also marks my third escape room...
We were told this Pokemon inspired escape room is cute - I suppose it's probably the cutest escape room I've done, since there things were the pokeballs and Pokemon plushies (and the amount of figurines - must have come from a collector)!

Although I've also read the reviews prior to going that it's actually pretty hard, I somehow knew we won't able to get out within the time limit...

But the staff there were nice... not sure if it's before were just tired from work or generally some of the gadget there was faulty. On top of that, all of us thought that some of the stuffs could have been in other rooms to save traveling around. Though it is most likely the case in real life situation too, where you're not given that much clues.

Regardless, they assist us through the puzzles in the room, normally you only get the 3 phone calls. They ended up speaking to us through the announcement speakers... proves that we really needed some directions. orz

Unlike the other escape rooms we've done before, there are minimal reading skill required. We were pretty much stuck in the first room for like... Forever... Orz Deep in the back of my mind, I should have listen carefully about the prologue of the story which pretty much sets the story and the location so we could use the clues efficiently.

There were a lot of repetitive actions required before it actually trigger next clues, whereas escape rooms on games were pretty much instant - which you would know when you have used the clue correctly. Suppose I'm the type that requires a pop up message that says "You could hear a noise from a distant that something have been unlocked...".

I did like the different decorations to the different rooms. There was background music throughout which made me abit scared when we entered the not so lit rooms. Though being in dim rooms is likely the trend for harder escape rooms (Not sure if I could continue with them anymore if I'm to be by myself).

I recommend it for fellow gamers as it does require abit more skills and doing things than anything! Also, read the mission information prior to going (There are hints in there with the skills required lol)!

Despite not being able to escape within the time limit, my friends and I decided to return for another escape room after our other bookings!

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