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Real Life Escape Room 4 @ Mission

I had quite a bit of confidence kill due to the past two escape room experiences... turns out Lost was just too hard and Gotcha's room (Previously known as Forest) have faulty gadgets. Further, I've learnt my lesson from previous experiences and read the escape room information (They give you some hint on skill requirement) and search on reviews on difficulties (There are alot of "serial escapee" out there). lol

Closely booked with my last escape room Gotcha (See my post here), this was a condensed size group with members that I did the Lost escape room last. With it being my first time doing an escape room at Mission Escape I was somewhat anticipating that we might not escape...
But we did it! WOOT! Although we were less than 1 minute overtime (You get to hear Dr M's voice and the count down! ) but I would still consider ourselves having escaped! Maybe just happen to bump into Dr M at the door (after his Thai Massage next door I believe) that's about it. lol

This was probably the largest number of different rooms I have come across with escape room - being 5! I think our team communication was good probably due to the reduced number of people we have this time, also being 5!

The puzzles and clues were relatively straight forward, much similar to the first escape room I've done with Sam's Pirate Adventure (See my post here)! Although the decoration around the room (and the BGM ) did scare some of us which did affect us in some ways. Not being able to see clearly what's going on and just hearing the description of the other room really trigger me to think of the movie Saw. That said, when I got to the second room I was slightly relieve as it wasn't as bad as I thought. Though saying that, I don't think I would have been a great main point of communication if I saw the room or being in that room by myself. *sob* When there was more to do I basically forgot about the BGM but I noted that my hands were shaking while trying to do the team work while the room was dark. orz But after that I just ace through it, though I wasn't part of majority of searching (There was little things in each room that we seems to have missed), somehow I seems to think clearer (Perhaps I leveled up with all the other Escape Rooms). lol

We also managed to find a useless clue (which we tried to use many times since we haven't been able to relate to) which was later clarify it was not relevant as it was the manufacturer's code. They mentioned they'll remove/cover it going forward.

I think most of us had alot fun in the third room where being short helps...! It makes me wonder how others went with that room since we pretty much breeze through it!

I do note that there were a few puzzle that only allows one or few people to participate at any one time. So some of us did get bored especially after when all clues have been found and we were just waiting for that one puzzle to be solved before heading into the next room. The staff also told us about one of the puzzle being easily cheated into opening... mind you, we went through the proper way and only to realised after second round of mixing that we were missing a clue (and we obtained that useless clue). lol I suppose they should replace them different weight items to enable more people to participate in that puzzle perhaps?

Communication is very important in this one so I highly recommend it for group of 4-5 for team work building (Looking after each other's back)! Would definitely go back to do the Vampire themed one soon. hopefully it's not as scary as this one. :D

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