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Brought to you by Aniplex and Sony Music!

Just to make our lives even more musical than it already is with the existing rhythm games! With fully voiced stories and various artists, here's another one not to be missed!

Only available on Japan iTune!
I think it's obvious who are the main vocalist of the teams... XD

Depending on the chosen group, the story will flow differently talking about each group's problem (story). The general story line goes along the line that each group participated on the stage at the summer music festival - Beginning R! for a chance for a major debut. However, all the team have lost to the group called Freezing...

Consist of 4 main groups. I'm not gonna be bias and will list them as how the game is listed.

Shinonome Yamato (CV: Ikuta Youji)
Maki Sousuke (CV: Masuda Toshiki)
Saeki Tsubasa (CV: Yamashita Daiki)
Shirayuki Teppei (CV: Ishiya Haruki)

Takara Kyo (CV: Kobayashi Masanori)
Ray Cephart (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
Kurusu Makoto (CV: Uchida Yuuma)
Koganei Shin (CV: Umehara Yuichirou)

Ohtori Asahi (CV: Aoi Shouta)
Nanase Kazuma (CV: Ishikawa Kaito)
Tokuda Yoshimune (CV: Yamamoto Shouma)
Toudou Misato (CV: Kobayashi Yusuke)

Miley (CV: Kurosawa Tomoyo)
Shelly (CV: Tano Asami)
Yukiho (CV: Yuasa Kaede)
Mint (CV: Murakawa Rie)

The gameplay is probably more similar to iDOLiSH 7 (See my post here) with the 4 buttons. You need to tap on the button as they touch the line. They're colour coded as white for simple tap, green for slide right, red for slide left, blue for hold, orange for hold and slide.

*Sob* I sacrificed my combos for some of these screen shots and it wasn't a good one too... orz

You have a team of 4 character cards, with the first character card as the leader of the band. Throughout the gameplay the cards you have chosen will have cut in animation to show they use special skills. You could always switch it off in the settings if you find the game is lagging.

The character cards ranges from N, R, SR, SSR! You get to choose your SR card (of the 16 characters) upon commencing, you'll also be given the rest of the band as R cards. You could unlock stories upon leveling up the cards, ranges from 1 chapter for N, 2 chapters for R, 3 for SR and 4 for SSR. That said, you might want to level higher ranking cards with the ones you have finished the story for.

Difficulties ranges from easy, normal, hard and expert. There are three types of spirit which are Groove (Red), Beat (Blue) and Melody (Green). Most of the time you'll find yourself competing with the band called Duel Gig, and the team with the highest score wins the performance.

My default group!

* My ID: 987654896336! Please feel free to add! You can have a maximum of 999 followers! But note, you don't have to follow back! As your follow is limited (Dependent on your level)!
* Follow (befriend) people which allow you to use them as support for extra skills and friend points! As such, you could easily unfollow them if you could find better support cards!
* Selecting your default character allows you to get the full band set of SR cards!
* Scout by playing gacha! Don't forget to level up your cards! If leveled up with the same card, you will note that there is a maximum card level of 4 as denoted as a lightning mark on the card.
* Read the story! By reading the story not only helps you unlock new songs, but also give you 10 medals for gacha (Although the gacha currency are pretty high orz)! The story have 3 types which are main (Band story), character and card episodes.
* If the performance gets too hard (i.e. You couldn't complete the live performance), I recommend to slow the rhythm or using a team with highest life cards (Gives you more room for misses).

My main reason for playing was for the artist Sarachi Yomi (One of my favourite otome game artist who is more known for her character design and illust for Arcana Famiglia released by Hunex) having seen it so many times on Dengeki Girl's Style, but I love how the system is well developed as with all the existing rhythm games (You retain the unused Live Points upon leveling up)! As much as I love Persona 3 (Plus Prince of Stride!), Sogabe Shuuji's character designs for Blast which is a school band group didn't appeal to me as much... so I didn't choose them... >.<

The only thing I didn't like was having to manually click on receive for the mission rewards (Then they sit in the present box after each receive)... hopefully they'll change it going forward.

My favourite group is Osiris (Totally not bias...) with the music that somewhat reminds me of L'arc en Ciel, but my favourite character is probably Kyo and Kazuma from Fairy4pril! The trap group Cure²tron is pretty interesting like a norm in games now, but I probably find it more interesting if they were voiced by male seiyuus (I was totally expecting to see Murase Ayumu who did Kokoro from Aichuu, but guess they can't be both games at the same time). Other interesting thing I note were the mentioned of type of musicians the characters likes such as UVER World (Also one of my favourites)! :P

Although in terms of the seiyuu listing and artist listing is limited, I did find the game to be easier than Aichuu (See my post here). I'm comparing to Aichuu since they use various different artist for different group. lol In summary, it appears to be like Aichuu, but really is i7 (Fully voiced stories and gameplay). XD Though the lag (Due to being a new release) does reminds me of Show By Rock... regardless, it's another addition to my rhythm game list easily!

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