[LR] Second round! SydAni Cafe

Christmas themed pop up Maid cafe!

The second SydAni Cafe was held on 20th November 2016, the Sunday that just passed.

Having visited so many Maid Cafes at Conventions (They were getting too much alike for me lol), I hesitated in going this time. Personally I prefer other themes more... but I went regardless since Bambi wanted to go for the Maid Magic, and he did went along with me for the last one (See my post here).

This time round I was bothered to cosplay one of cosplay backlog, since I thought it would be the perfect opportunity because it's not often that I cosplay by myself anymore. So I pull off a last minute Marika from Nisekoi (Just my excuse to use my old Tsukiko wig)!

Below the cut are just some photos and thoughts on my experience during the session!
The venue was the same as last time, which was located at the end of Chinatown at Dixon shopping center level 5. As usual, We went for the afternoon session after lunch and were the first to arrive... and we saw the whole crew outside having their short lunch break to our (and their) surprise. lol

Quick picture after all the staffs get back to work. XD

Having arrived on time, they allowed us in first where we were greet by all the maids and butler. I would imagine the later you enter, the less staffs are available to greet you still they will be designated to the table. Our designated table maid was Jelly, who was dressed with in pastel coloured uniform with red and white stripe socks to enforce the Christmas theme!

The table decorations.

Our food order was confirm and it was a funny moment. XD Jelly was checking name with orders, so first up she looked at Bambi as she called Nabari. According to Bambi, Jelly gave the blank look as if she's got the wrong table order since Bambi didn't react to it. To add to the disbelieve, after confirming my order, she said Bambi's nickname that I put on the form. It's probably the first time I hear someone call him by that nickname that's not within our close group! We all chuckled and Jelly opt back to calling Bambi by name instead. On the back of my mind I thought to myself if Bambi looked more like a Nabari than myself. lol

As I was hoping to get a badge number 1, I ended up getting a random number 11. orz Apparently, there was complaint with the badge numbering from last session, which is why they did random number this time. And to add to my disappointment, during the session the number that got second prize was number 1! *sob* Maybe they should let us pick our badge number out of the bag instead.

Do you know this game?

We played two games prior to getting our food. First up was Tangram which we had abit of a go but didn't quite know what we ended up making for Jelly to guess. The real trick was putting the puzzle back on to the board. There were many ways which leaves me with a gap, but eventually I got it.

The second game we played was Uno cards! It's been a while since I last played, but regardless, it's always a problematic one since different people play it differently. For example, whether you could put different colour cards with the same number all in one go, whether you could have a action card as your last card, whether if you picked up a card and use it immediately if the colour or number fits etc etc.

Our food arrived to the table, order by my favourite: Strawberry Cake, Mango Daifuku and Chocolate mousse (with bonus popcorn)! And as usual, we had our unlimited supply of Green Tea which is always good to help wash down all that sweetness.

I must say... I was slightly disappointed with the shape and texture of the Daifuku, which contrast with the last session's one with the strawberry. Although it wasn't as bad as the chocolate mousse. To be honest, I am never a fan of mousses when I go out for dessert since they are not always the best dessert. I had a taste of it and it was so bitter, which we guessed was probably due to too much cocoa flavouring or the lack of milk coming from the thickness.

The long waited Magic drink! Unfortunately not shown in the photo as I was intrigued with Bambi's excitement with the whole magic. lol

When the menu got passed around for additional food ordering, I note the peach jelly was sold out. *sob* I was so jelly when I saw people around me who ordered the peach jelly. They also offered Bambi a replacement Mango Daifuku instead, given the mousse was barely eaten but sadly he wasn't a fan of mango.

As with last time, Akira lead a dance performance with the song Let me be with you from Chobits, danced with a Chii cosplayer. Somehow felt nostalgic since it's been some years since I was overly into Clamp's work... nowadays it's all just otome games for me. XP

We ended up taking some photo near the end this time. The photo area this time were garden setting for the first area (without grass, but probably the white backdrop was meant to be ice...?) and the second area with a cute little setup with Polar (Teddy) bear and Penguin (#1 from Mawaru Penguindrum! XD) that looks like Antarctic (With fairy lights underneath the white cover)!

The only proper photo with my homemade flower hair accessory, with the supposed to be Marika's signature pose (but sitting down lol). Since I changed out of the cosplay straight after, I left it somewhere along the way...

Also requested for a butler for a photo. The Haruka butler I have seen previously at Smash! maid cafe. I didn't take a polaroid that year since I chose a maid instead (It depends what gender I cosplay as, normally I would pick the opposite), so it feels like making up for it for that one time. I think Akira asked Haruka to do something special. All I asked for was Haruka to stand next to me for the photo, but later I was asked if I want her to kneel down. Having something else on my mind of what kneel down means I said sure, then Haruka kneel down and held my hand. Then I was like... oh. I thought it was one of those because I sat down I was too short to be in a close up photo or some sort. And damn Bambi... all that embarrassing moment, he only took 2 pictures out of that long duration, and were abit blurry (My old phone camera is bad).

The photo that I asked for.

After the announcement of the third round early next year, they gave us the feedback forms which we filled in. To be honest, the staffs were all extremely attentive as such we didn't have to ring the bell. But for the sake of the summoning, the butler Haruka rewinded (walked backwards) and waited for Bambi to ring the bell for the survey to be collected. So much for a show. lol

For last game we played the Mame tsukami which was pretty fun especially if people are competitive. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of game (It was pretty cute since it was small lol) since we were actively playing it. The chopsticks were so small it was difficult to handle. Plus, they were plastic too. lol

For those who missed out again, there will be a round 3 of the SydAni Cafe late January or early February 2017! However the theme will be Chinese (Because Chinese New Year!) and the venue will be re-located to Chatswood! I'll have to see the menu before I make a decision if I want to go or not. I mean... it is Chinese New Year then...

Follow their facebook page for more updates on future pop ups!


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