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Secret Talk

Brought to you by Sakuragate!

Their recent update have a few changes so I updated my content to reflect that changes. Mind you, the changes was definitely for the better (At least I had messages continuously after a few replies) - visually! Plus, you get an extra sub character from the update too!

You must be connected to the internet in order to play this one! But that said, the amount of ad blocking your way is minimal.
Their game logo looks similar to the cover but is actually different! You actually see the back of the heroine (You)!

Have you been in a relationship with more than one person and keeping it a secret? On top of it, they happened to be brothers?! Would you choose the older brother Satoru for abit more adult love or with the younger brother Yuuji whose around your age?

Only the top two are our playable routes. lol The other two acts more like support by giving you tips and stickers (provided you watch an ad).



SNS chat style where you get to reply with the 3 different options. You're also given a sticker which allows you to get a instant response instead of waiting if you have chosen the wrong answer as shown as a blue heart.

I must say they're pretty smart in incorporating the watching ad / tweet / post fb message / post line message in order for you to progress with the messages. As troublesome as it may sound, if you managed to have the right conversation, you may only be required to watch an ad. lol Further, they might as well make the PR Shouta characters into sub characters routes since there's a "Did you know" sub character anyway.

* If stuck, you could press reset conversation in the settings. This is what I did to my older version of the game and with the update the messages just keeps coming in!
* Don't talk about their brother in their messages conversation.
* Tap on to Otouto to trigger an ad, and receive 1 sticker!

To be honest if you checked their character profiles, there isn't that big of a age difference between the brothers. lol And if they're blood related brothers, their personality wouldn't differ that much... would it...? XD

The only thing I didn't like about this one is that if you're stuck, you would have to reset the conversation with all characters. orz Which means... it does help to drop down notes on which one is the best answers. And most likely rush through finishing it within hours.

Having abit of a look up on the company, I realised that they have this intestine Ikemen (Cho Ikemen) for PC which I have taken more of an interest instead. lol With the lack of walk through online, I would probably put this aside for a little while...

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