[iPhone] Gesu Koi? Riajyuu? Risei Houkai...!

Kindan no Chat kei Renai Game

Brought to you by Active Channel! I first came across it with their houchi games such as Hajimete no Kokuhaku wa Shindaatodeshita, which I find quite enjoyable. I was going through Yakuzokusareta Hanatome ni Kiss wo as well (The art in that one is extremely beautiful! ), however never got around to finishing it!

But here's a new word for the year! Gesujyuu! It's a real big problem in the real world. Have the society died?! Featuring situations you wouldn't have dream of being in. This game could be enjoyed by both gender, as it allows you to choose your gender. As usual, in this post I will focus on the girl's side.
Somehow I just wish they put all the characters on to the cover. lol

Let's order the characters by age... They also have character voices too, but I don't really know alot of them until I google them. Interestingly there's a cosplayer among the listing. lol
Miho Yuuto (CV: Mineta Hiromu)
Takei Tomoya (CV: Onoue Yuuki)
Ayanokouji Kaoru (CV: Imakey Gou)
Saeki Kazuma (CV: Murakami Satoshi)
Asanuma Rintarou (CV: Bayashi Yusuke)
Etou Shinji (CV: Hayashi Shota)
Kizaki Yuugo (CV: Ishike Shouya)
Miyasaka Koujirou (CV: Takahashi Keiichi)


Select the character to start chatting and await for reply. You get to go for multiple route at anyone time. lol Characters unlocks as you continue to play.


You get 3 Stickers at the start of the game. The stickers could be used to trigger immediate response, however they don't get replenished! orz

You only get to pick up the fully voiced phone call upon the end of the episode 1, middle and end of episode 2 (3 in total)!

* Write down the correct responses to get you the happy ends. That or simply search for strategy guide online - this one had a few already.
* Just play hourly... =w=

It feels like the mobile version of the otome game Double Score since you have characters ranges from all ages... of which, I'm never really fond of the older characters. lol I suppose with all the dangerous romance situations (which most player wouldn't do in real life), the higher age requirement was necessary. On a side note, I did check out the candidates for the guy version in the Tokuten icon presents, but none of the characters looks as old?

To be honest I was relatively confused which character they were from the names (since there was too man conversation at once lol) due to their icons not showing as the character's face (I'm so used to the chat / messaging game play where I know exactly who I was messaging) so it was a down for me. Would have saved me time from clicking back into the icon to show the character profile. That or I should focus on a few route instead. XD I would imagine the amount of people playing this one would increase should they put in more character CGs. =w= Regardless it's worthwhile playing since the gameplay is so simple. It's just a matter of time you spend on waiting for the replies...

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