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The stories of Abe no Seimei!

Brought to you by NetEase Games, which is more known for the other title New A Chinese Ghost Story which was featured in the Chinese TV drama series called LOVE O2O (Full episode of the TV series could be watched online! XD)!

Soon after watching the said TV drama series and seeing Akira posting a few screen shot of the characters cards (which detailed the game name and the Japanese Seiyuu for the characters) made me wanted to try this game out myself too.

It's a turn-based combat based on the well known Japanese Onmyoji - Abe no Seimei. Released since September 2016 and I finally found the time to have a go at it!
I'm abit sad that Kohaku doesn't get to go on the loading screen...

In the Heiwa period where humans and spirits co-exist. Abe no Seimei's familiar Kohaku was accused of eating Inugami's best friend, as such Inugami have come to seek revenge. In order to prove Kohaku's innocence, along with a wandering powerful spirit Kagura who lost her memories, they went to the crime scene in which Seimei uses his powers to seek between the normal and the underworld worlds to find the real culprit...

Only typing up the main crew...!

Abe no Seimei (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)
Kohaku (CV: Ootani Ikue)
Kagura (CV: Kugimiya Rie)
Yao Bikuni (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)
Minamoto no Hiromasa (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

My ears were well trained by Gintama! Could tell Kugimiya Rie's voice as soon as Kagura appeared, funny enough she also voiced the character Kagura in Gintama (One of my favourite girl character)! lol Apart from that I've included Kohaku, despite the fact that Kohaku isn't in human form, but Kohaku have a big role in leading the story! Probably the Pokemon (Just wait until she says Pika... lol) mascot of the game...!

The plain vanilla battle... looks so empty now compared to the amount of things that happens on my screen with the new spirits and additional skills...

Turn-based combat system! Those who played RPG would know better with the gameplay so I won't go into the details.

The main screen!

New areas are unlocked on the world map (Where Seimei appears in Chibi form!) after the story chapter finishes. Upon revisiting those chapters, spirits could be found and you could choose to simply fight them. Unlike the normal story mode, you get a team of 5 spirits, and in some cases, you get 7 with 2 by stand/sit! lol Select the characters you want to level onto the team because regardless they survived or not after the battle, they still get a piece of the experience points! How good is that?

The spirits walks from right to left. Try to aim from the far right then towards the left in order to get the spirit pieces!

Mini bean throwing (shooting) game called Hyakki Yagyou (Spirits Parade) to obtain spirits pieces. Once you collected enough pieces, you could summon them as your familiars! You could add friends to assist in the parade, that would increase the attack level and accuracy. But in the end it's really just a matter of skills, if not then luck. lol

* Make sure you choose the Server that your friends are on! I was defaulted to the high speed overseas server and my user ID is 2453545 !
* There are party missions as well so make sure you have a strong group of powerful friends that are online similar time as you! I honestly thinks this should just be PC game since it reminds me of those MMORPG days. XD
* Do all the gacha summons and merge your characters cards (Only recommended for merging N cards) and form your powerful team. Personally I prefer putting higher grade cards for leveling! Make sure you equip the best souls for them too. Apparently the position matters too, but there needs to be a great understanding of it so I just skip it all together. lol
* Switch on automatic battles! Great thing about this one is that all the HP recovers prior to each battle encounters!
* Don't be dishearten if you don't have SSR cards...! Just note that the chances ARE slim. =w=
* Collect awakening items for potentially leveling up your spirits! You'll need it going forward!
* Display your spirits! You get friends invites and into guilds! Hardworking newbies are always target! lol Otherwise you could still friend / guild request. A guild could have up to 100 members and have their own chatrooms!

Just watching the opening animation reminds me of Oboro Muramasa (It's got to be the colouring style) - something I would call elegant x scary theme! That aside, I thought it was abit redundant to play every time I launch the game.

It could get quite data heavy... I only chose the high definition quality since I play it on my iPad (And so that I get better screen captures lol), but I would imagine it wouldn't make too much difference if your screen resolution isn't that great. More importantly, I believe the Japanese voiced story is the main selling point of the game! That said, it was somewhat interesting to hear the characters speaks in Japanese but with Chinese subtitles. lol Each additional chapters takes approximately 200-300mbs of fully voiced data (and probably some graphics!), however you get the opinion of choose not to download them. I find it handy to know how much data it'll take up, particularly if I won't playing on Wifi.

Interestingly the game automatically detects which server you will go to. That said, I was allocated to the "supposed to be" fast overseas server. I tried logging back on this morning but failed to get in. lol On top of that, I didn't register for a game account as it involves validating via a Chinese mobile number which I don't have. I suppose if I transfer to another device for playing it, I'll probably lose my hours of playing?

While having the auto pilot running, you could always rotate to see the surrounding during the battle when you don't have a lot to do (Apart from if you want to make or stop them from use skill, but otherwise there's not much to do). lol There are flying fishes and dragons which are interesting add on for visuals. That aside, I love the little details when your ally start moving around the enemy, the enemy's head actually follows your ally!

There are plenty of things to do, and including the little detail of looking at your spirits collection by area, using the location to find guilds around your area, drawing a star symbol onto the summoning notes which I thought was cute. I think there are plenty of action points to use (They're shown as a sushi with large caviar lol), though saying that your action points don't recover after leveling and you're required to level up before you could progress further with the story.

It looks like I'll be playing this game for a while (With the new inclusion of Midorikawa Hikaru and Kaji Yuuki! ), I probably just need to find my favourite seiyuus to be hooked...

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