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Brought to you by QualiArts Inc! Have been meaning to write a post on the original game by CyberAgent Inc but never got around to it. I have been playing it for a while ago due to seiyuu voices, but later dropped due to the lag (Plus I was originally playing it on the Android before but I lost all my data and I'm not the type to store up those data recovery code orz)! Sakurai Takahiro was probably the main reason why I played initially, that aside, the inclusion of the Moegacha Danshi (See my post here) characters and their removal of the app. I really hate it when I have spent hours (or money) on the app and in the end you don't get to keep it since they discontinued the service.

Having my second play again with completely new data... hence I dropped off (All my rare cards down the drain). Figure it might be easier for me to just be on top of this one now that they finally included Sakurai voiced character Sagisaka Shu at last. lol I always thought his character is the main character with him being on the icon and all. So when I first starting playing it and selecting a character I was slightly disappointed, my first thought was that probably because Sakurai doesn't like to sing much (As noted with his character song for Ruki in Diabolik Lovers).

Read on for Kare~
Who else thinks they should do a chibi version of the same pose for the cover?! XD

Too many to name in the original game. If Yume100 have 100 princes, I would call this Gakuen100 also. Because the number of students/teachers for this school is ridiculously large. haha However with this one, you get a only a choice of few default characters.

Takatsukasa Masaomi (CV: Taniyama Kishou)
Shinkai Rinto (CV: Ono Yusuke)
Kisaragi Toma (CV: Nishida Masakazu)
Asuma Momota (CV: Mizushima Takahiro)

Having a few between the characters, I ended up choosing Shinkai Rinto for his looks. lol I was tossing with Takatsukasa Masaomi and Kisaragi Toma too since the other members in their group have seiyuus that I like (Plus there was no Sagisaka Shu). XD

Support the Kareshi (Over 40+ characters) at Fujishiro Gakuen and overcome various difficulties on the stage performance at the Stella-maris Fest! Unlike the original game where Kare are divided into three different groups which are Prince, Knight and King. There are 5 types in this one that I don't even remember the symbol for all the colours... orz They're Spade (Purple), Heart (Red), Diamond (Yellow), Clover (Green) and Joker (Blue). To be honest I think only Joker reminds me of the naming convention in the original game.

They even have a dance routine!

Simply choose a song and perform with the Kare and tap away. As usual, you either tap, or combine tap, or hold to get a score for each action of bad / good / great / perfect. Unlike the other rhythm games (From a glance it looks like Love Live gameplay with the amount of buttons to tap), they have the L and R wings to trigger the special skills of each Kare! This requires you to choose the skill you want to use and actually setting it on the character card in order to be activated. Having playing the game on my iPad, my palm always trigger it accidentally. orz The skill needs to be accumulated in the performance, and could only be used once each performance.

Chatting among themselves...

Upon successful performance, you get extra Kare cards, specific character food items, or items to level up the kare! But these interactions with the Kare occurs in the room. To be honest I find it sad that they only have 1 bed, that said the other 3 Kare are either sitting on the floor (The lack of chair too! ) or walking around the room not having much to do. lol

Feed the Kare their favourite food to unlock more expressions!

* Add friends! Here's my ID: 111749206!
* Login daily and complete daily missions!
* Do free daily gacha!
* Enter your birthday! Something is bound to happen on your birthday!
* Participate in their first event Kirameki Show Time (From 21/11/16 to 28/11/16) and fulfill the various requirements to get the limited edition costume. On top of it, there are Ranking rewards and Event points rewards, so try your best!

The original game isn't overly interesting anymore when compare to the jewel puzzle games and rhythm games which is probably one of the main reason I dropped (Mind you the mentioned gameplay are also voiced). That opening animation was amazing, it was great to finally see the characters moving instead of posting for those character cards. lol Little details such as those Genki chips (For health recovery) and the BFP console (Boy Friend Portable as supposed to PSP lol). A little sad when I didn't see Sagisaka Shu in the opening video... and other characters that I like from the original card game. Though saying that, they do make cameo in the main story, where some of them are seen to have liking towards heroine (All that blushing are cute )!

Personally I find the speed of performance to be weird. I need to wait until it hits the circle to actually start tap to get perfect (Are my fingers too fast after having played so many rhythm games? I think I seem to do better at normal or hard mode. lol). Further I switched off the 3D animation and left it as 2D (Though saying that I did enjoy seeing the Kare winking during the performance, super cute!). I'll probably play this from time to time just for the sake of collecting kare and items (Novelty) but not so much for the gameplay. However from this game, I believe they could do more merchandise like phone straps, figurines and many more to come which I would look forward to!!!

Regardless, the ingame performance reminds me of Nendroid or Project mirai on 3DS (See my post here)... So I can't really say no to those cute faces and add another rhythm game to my play list...

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