[PSP] Gekka Ryouran Romance

Found an Otome Game: [PSP] Gekka Ryouran Romance

It's a collaboration between Rejet and Idea Factory and this new Otome game just recently release on the 15th September!

The drawing and the colouring style resembles Starry Sky alot... perhaps which is one of the reason why it caught my attention? XD (It's probably the general trend in the Otome game industry anyway :P)

The story is like Ouran Host Club spin off, except more serious...?
The story
At Shirazakura Gakuen, a famous school full of intelligent and good looking students, there exists a Forbidden Date Club nobody knows of. At the signal of the after school chime, they must succeed in winning the heart of the girl they targeted. It doesn't matter who their target is, they flaunting their love to everyone like night host. These students are known as "Gekka Ryouran". Our heroine, Tsumori Nazuna who wanted to live stable life, ended up in their forbidden game...


There's a total of 6 characters to go for... reason why I didn't say 6 guys, was because one of them is a girl crossdresser...! O.O Something new for Otome games!? Despite that, I was pretty looking forward to the sub characters - Teachers!

From left to right:
Kaneda Wabisuke: Sporty older brother like prince
Yaehara Daria: Handsome "Prince"
Kano Aoi: Yandere prince
Kano Tsumori: Sadist Megane prince
Saionji Seri: Cool shota prince
Fuji Reito: Infirmary Doctor

Some interesting samples they have on their website~ <3
* Pure Love points! (Otherwise known as gentle route)
* Forbidden Points! (Otherwise known as rough route)
When your points reach a certain level, you get
* Blackout System! (Otherwise known as CG, BGM & VOICE OVER)

I don't really have much to say about this game (since I haven't played it yet)! Despite it doesn't have as much characters as Starry Sky I think it's a title worth while playing? Particularly the new systems!

It seems like PSP is the console for Otome games. NDS hardly gets much new releases nowdays. orz

Official site Go there to hear the characters' voice! <3

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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