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Watashi dake no Kareshi

Brought to you by Septeni Crossgate Co! Have been following a few other games released by them and it appears they're riding the trend of Otome Games (Yes for us!)!

I haven't been raising Hikikomori before - strangely, it somewhat reminds me of Himo Otoko instead (See my post here for the most popular Himo Otoko! ) except this time the location takes place in his room - and up to 250 voiced sentences! So here's another houchi game not to be missed!
The door to his heart room!

Sakura (Name Changeable) were invited to go play at her childhood friend's place, who moved away long ago by his mother who hope she could take him out of his room. As she opened the door she were greeted by Ryou, her childhood friend. But his image seems to have changed so much... thus start the make over project...

Ryou (CV: Nishiyama Koutarou)

Mostly known for his role in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love!, B-Project, Ensemble stars, Ai Chuu...

Talk to him to remove his negative thoughts so that he's not always gloomy! Convert his negativity into experience points to grow him into your type of childhood friend!

Tap on the bubbles!

You could replenish the chat of 3 immediately up to 6 times after watching ads daily. Also 1 fever (Unlimited supply of negativity for a set period of time) from sharing on SNS per day.

* Login Daily to listen to the voices of various Ryou!
* Share on SNS daily for fever when you're at 0% to speed up the replenishment!
* Maximise the 6 restore of the chat by watching a short ad!

It was interesting to see how similar it was to Himo Otoko (To the point that they ask you to watch TV together). lol Even the evolution types... to be honest, I haven't been quite on top of this one due to the long meter to fill up (Probably because I played it on the iPad this time round so it looks visually longer... plus the points received goes by hundreds!). Despite that, I've been spoiled by the daily login voices of various Ryou! XD Though only provided you're not up to date with the game, so aim for unlocking one different Ryou a day to avoid spoiler...! XP

On top of the long meter, I didn't like how there are only 5 thoughts / speech bubbles each time (Even if you could tap on it at least 5 times, it feels like my taps didn't do much). But otherwise, keeping Ryou consistently happy is the key to this game! I could hardly wait till I clear all the routes and probably secretly looking forward to a yandere some point later (Though I don't think the chances are likely...)!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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