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My play history for Pokemon Moon Part 1

So I finally got my hands around Pokemon Moon (I needed to stop my mobile gaming in order to play it lol). Partly because I notice Snorlax is only obtainable prior to early next year! So I ought to open it and play it to obtain Munchlax otherwise my early purchase would be wasted... Happens most time when my books finally got delivered and I missed using the gift code before those deadlines. orz

Although playable in alot of different languages, I've decided to stick with English on my English DS. Read on for my play history, mostly focus on the flow of the game and the kuso points that I find interesting... lol
It's definitely different starting point compared to the demo (see my post here), suppose that's a good thing. Having played the Demo prior to the game, I was able to transfer my Greninja over! That said, I realised I forgot to see the girl off... Oh well, it was Sun that was supposed to see her off anyway. XP I hope it doesn't get mentioned in the real game that I didn't see her off. lol


So you have recently moved to Melemele island, where you're first greeted by the carefree Professor Kukui who you talked through the internet. The question is no longer if you're a boy or a girl...! Professor Kukui looks like some character from One Piece! It's probably the ocean vibe. And everyone there seems to be extremely eager for your arrival.

Meowth and I can't believe they sleep with shoes on... orz

Upon arrival, while it's still early evening, Professor Kukui decided that it'll be a great idea that you go meet the Island Kahuna who gives kids Pokemon. Delighted with the free Pokemon, your mum set you off with Professor Kukui to Iki Town. Is it just me or anyone else feels that the mum reacts to freebies with a passion? lol

Headed out in the middle of the night searching for the Island Kahuna which you couldn't miss when you see him... somehow I did miss him and saw a girl and a strange Pokemon instead headed towards the mountain. I love it how I still haven't got a Pokemon and yet she asked for your help to save Nebby. Being the brave adventurer like any Pokemon Trainer, you tried to fend off the Spearows without any Pokemon... then Nebby used strange mystic power that broke the bridge, but luckily was rescue by by the guardian Deity Tapu Koko...


I sense some love at first sight vibe just looking at this scene. XD That looked like something from a shoujo manga... Except the it's between Pokemon and human. On top of that, Tapu Koko left behind a sparkling stone for heroine. XD I was surprised it wasn't a Z Ring (Engagement Ring! Get it...? XD). Though eventually, after being improved by Hala, the Kahuna, it actually become the Z Ring!

After escorting Lillie back to the town, it turns out she's the assistant of Professor Kukui!


Although you get to choose the Pokemon you any as your partner, it was noted that they need to choose you too (Well it's always a two way thing right?!)! That or they just say it to scare you, if so it sort of did with all those no right or wrong personality test type of questions throughout the game...

Looking back on their fateful meeting makes me go awww cute. They're so meant for each other... I mean just look at both of their colour scheme. lol

Not the first thing you would expect from a stranger...!?

I was surprised that Hau doesn't choose the superior element Pokemon against your chosen one (Unless Sun is suppose to be the Rival, though saying that to date, I have not seen him at all! Plus, Sun isn't tan enough to be seen as a local trainer! lol). He's a friendly one (Plus he always give you items)! Whilst middle of playing, I actually thought Hau probably looks very cute with his hair down. XD And... That he might be holding back with the battles being the grandson of the island Kahuna...!?

The new Pokemon teachers kids to become more fashionable and trendy... And take more notice of appearance with the use of colour contacts and makeup to my surprise. lol

It was interesting how the trainers doesn't walk towards you for a battle anymore. Instead they'll strike a pose and battle you from a distance! I suppose it makes more sense since the in game battle they throw Pokemon out at each other. Further you don't have to walk around them after battle. But to be honest, I get scared from the changed battle alerts. orz

The introduction to patting and grooming, which the increase in affection with your Pokemon - reminds me of the skinship in Otome games. Not to mention, you could always remove the abnormal status of the Pokemon after the battle so it's handy (And it saves items *Is one of those who just collect things and hardly use them*)! I've heard from friends who had longer play hours than me said they need too much affections. lol

It's cute, especially some Pokemon requires you to pat / rub at different places. But otherwise, it's just a novelty and I see it being a shift from dressing up Pokemon to actually dressing up your trainer! And so, Lillie thought the player was too much of a country pumpkin, and recommended that she could get dressed up. I stopped taking pictures after my Trainer debut (Complete new looks! lol), though one of the down point was there was no preview of the haircuts and colours! It's all a mystery until you have chosen what you want through imagination. =w=

I had abit of the play with the Poke Finder after, but so far, there seems to be only one spot for taking pictures of Pokemon so I didn't head into it too much. It's interesting to see after the best photo is chosen to be uploaded you get thumbups (Likes) and it helps you rank up your camera skills. lol

Festival Plaza looks like the Disney castle where Trainers dreams come true... lol

The introduction to the Festival Plaza is where the social starts, where players could show off their fashion sense and what they think. Remember those questions that they ask without right or wrong answers? Well, they're hidden in there in your player passport that is visible to other players whom your character visit the Festival Plaza on! Makes me some what regret my choice of answer... The more you talk to the other players and successfully answer their questions, you get Friend Coins which could be used to exchange goods in the Festival Plaza for the normal gameplay! That aside, players could battle and trade with other players in their Festival Plaza!

After that it was all the trial of becoming a Pokemon Trainer through defeating the elementary kids (They all start very early!) and teacher, and then on to the Trial Capitals (Gym Leaders). On a side note, still thinking with the Otome Game mind set, I like how Capital Ilima seems to have taken an interest in your character... as well as other characters (But I'm sure they're just interested the Z Ring and its power, in the end, you were the chosen one)! Apart from human characters, other Pokemon that I have taken a liking into was Oricorio and Cutiefly... which both look like a fluffy yellow chick. lol I suggest catching all the baby Pokemon (Pre-evolved forms) to ensure Pokedex to be filled up quicker.

So far the game is pretty straight forward and enjoyable (I mean everyone just gives things to you non stops lol). I will probably only do part 2 when I'm near finish (aka Another round of mobile game events started so I don't have time)... :P

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