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Brought to you by Hunex! Been eyeing on the Mobile version of the game for the longest time! I was playing the card game version for a short while whilst my Android tablet was still working until I screen captured too much on Tokires to damage the open button!

On a side note, Sarachi Yomi Sensei started her manga sequel based on the illustration of the Mermaid story (Part of it was in her artbook Loving - Which I have taken a liking into from just the character illusts)! called Mermaid Boys! Noting the plural, you guessed right, there's more than one Mermaid boy! XD

Slowly going through the backlogs of games that requires alot of ad watching...
Funny how they each have their own prop...

One day, Kanna (Name Changeable) was selected to be the new member of the Vigilante group Series A by the Arcana Familglia organisation's head Mondo. Mondo suggested that she attend the spring celebration Primavera to learn more about the Regalo Island - an island filled with different buildings, smell, sun filled with relaxed personality villagers - which is entirely different from her birth country Japan. Thus starts Piccola Amore (Small love) story.



They're your main 4 routes, but there are alot of other beautifully designed characters too. To be honest, if Kanna doesn't exist they probably all have happy end with the other girl that appear in their stories... (There was a balanced on the gender of the characters lol)

There are familiar faces, but they're not playable routes! BOO! Suppose they're shipped with Felicita so I forgive them. haha


Visual novel style. One free chapter for each character (For Love and Darling side with one CG too!) and up to four free chapter with the first chosen character! Then it's all just hard work from there...


In order to read more chapters you need to have enough points which could be earned through watching alot of videos, downloading alot of apps or simply pay for a set!

I have been quietly playing this one which is heavily focused on Sarachi Yomi Sensei's art! The mafia members just keeps increasing! No to mention they all have their own names too! To be honest, I don't remember them all unless they have more interaction with Felicita (Main heroine from the original series La storia della Arcana Famiglia). lol I'm keeping this one short mostly because it's just a visual novel game, so it's not that difficult to go through (Provided you have the cash to burn) but just a matter of time.

The romance part is more before (and why) they fell in love and the darling part is after they fell in love (and issues they have). So you would expect to see more affection in darling compared to the romance part. Personally I don't recommend playing the darling part until you have finish the romance part. Though saying that, there's no harm in trying the first chapter when it's free. XD

I probably just want to buy the artbook instead of playing their card game. orz

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