[Android] Korette Myaku Ari?

This means there is love?

Brought to you by Global Gear! Although the title reminds you of their more recent Wakeari Doukyo (See my post here) but the it uses the similar to the messaging system that they did previously for Suki ni Nattara Make (See my post here) !

The title is based on a saying Myaku Ari! If we were to directly translated the phrase, it would be "if there's a pulse". =w=; But the true meaning have to do with relationship, as such it could be loosely translated as if there is some chance of being in a relationship together (Or I think is there love for short lol). I think it could be said to relate to people's relationship that are vague / misleading due to lack of clarity...

On the bright side, games are always straight forward since they already have set endings!

There are 6 characters in total, which each one you select, will automatically get a second character unlock within the first few texts you sent to the chosen character!

Here's one of when all the characters are unlocked! Not in any particular order...

Ousaka Minato
Hibino Takao
Kiryuu Koutarou
Yuuki Takuya
Shinomiya Arata
Inakawa Ayato

Nishino Haruka (player name) is changeable but restricted to their keyboard... not even a single Kanji (Since I normally use Kanji when they require me to include surname). orz

Selected Takao as a sample since he's the character on the app icon...!

As usual, gameplay is similar to the SNS Line chat style. With hints that could be shown to give the best answer of the 3 available with the use of tickets. The hints are denoted as a cross for bad (Reduces points), circle as good (Add points), two circles as great (Add more points).

When you couldn't wait for his response, tap on the heart to reduce the waiting time! One could simply tap continuously to quicken the waiting process (Though I find this redundant when you unlock majority of the Kare).

The love meter starts at 50%, with the points you get for increasing or decreasing the love meter will impact on the ending! There are Good / Normal / 3 different types lose endings (total of 5 types)! Once you read all the ending, an after story will be unlocked for the character! Upon obtaining the ending you could restart all over!

Love meter rates for unlocking endings:
Bad end 1 50%+
Bad end 2 60%+
Bad end 3 70%+
Normal end 80%+
Happy end 90%+

One could say that the bad end could means death with no more pulse left. lol

* Drop down notes for the best answers to achieve Happy End. Also recommended to do in a particular order since if you get the same ending, you literally wasted time trying to unlock a new ending. orz Otherwise, use ticket to show hint.
* Watch ads to get tickets (1 ad every 30 minutes!). Though saying that, if you could locate a complete guide you would not need to watch any ad...! lol
* Don't forget to stalk look at the timeline for some special CGs!
* Tap to shorten the waiting time (Ranges from 1 minute to 15+ minutes!). This should be redundant after 2 more characters appeared.

Personally, I think best answer is harder to identify compare to their last game which was denoted as heart or broken heart. But you could tell from the sound it makes if you have the sound on (I normally switch off sound due to my past experience with playing Otome Game in public space aka family room lol).This time it's only the pulse, and I had to look at the percentage increase to know if it was the best answer of not. lol

Though I noted Takao is on the icon, but Minato actually said the game title within his message!!! XDDD I managed to finish Minato's route first (Since he was first on the list anyway) and scored the highest for Takao (He doesn't look the oldest to be honest, and they all actually look the same age to me lol)! Whose the real official route I wonder! XD

theme : Otome Game
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