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Welcome to the Maiden Club!

Brought to you by Goodroid! Anticipated title again after their successful otome game apps (My post on Watashi no Himo Otoko and Kareshi, Shindemasu)! I think the hype kind of died down after the second game (Got to admit it, Yuuto was the best! XD)... This one caught my attention since the characters and the choice of colour was more lively (No pun intended in relationship to their second game lol)!

Now that I finally have a new phone (YAY! But it's Android, so not used to it... orz), I'm able to continue alot of games that I couldn't start / finish... which means I need to work harder during this holiday!
If the word Maiden doesn't show up, the club would have a totally different image... XD M Club

Akari (Name Changeable) was rejected by the person she likes due to her low female skills. Having heard of the great things of the Maiden Club, her childhood friend Yuta suggested that she should increase her female skills by joining the Club. However there's a small problem, members are all boy students and they are what people called Onee-Kei Boys!

In no particular order... (and excluding Yuta)

Masumi Tojyo
Akira Hayami
Masaomi Yamato
Rintaro Fukaya
Iori Akitsuki
Eric Alberti Morifuji
Sakamoto Yuta

To be honest, I didn't think they look Onee-kei enough. They're probably more gentlemen than most normal guys... or cares (high maintenance) for their appearance / status abit more in terms of beauty, diet, fashion, sweets (I thought diet should include this but oh well) and cooking / sewing!

Yuta is at the corner just above the timer for full recovery for Quiz!

Select your training partner and improve a certain Maiden Skill! Once the Otome meter reached the star point, you will be prompt with questions with time limit (Man they make me nervous when I was slowly reading all the text)! Upon correct answers you get more love points!

Behold my crazy tapping skills Skinship!

As usual, there is the fever mode but it's called Love change, which looks more like skinship - where playing taps onto the character to increase the love meter!! Love change could be trigger upon filling up the heart in the chat with the specific character! I think the "blushing" was abit too much... it was almost they got sun burnt.

There are two types of ending depending on what you have answered throughout the 3 stages per character. Friend End (Ally) and Love End (Romance!).

* Share on SNS daily for Love change!
* Watch ad to replenish quiz instead of playing it hourly!
* Reply messages in chat for chance to trigger Love change!

The Akari's (Using this name since it's not until after you were taken to the Maiden Club, do they allow you to change your name... I suppose it's probably what we normally call... High School Debut as a new personality?! lol) face actually makes me curious. lol To think that she doesn't groom her hair and all... somewhat reminds me of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge mixed with hard working aspect in Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! But in this case, I be all the boys are higher maintenance than any other otome game boys! XD

It was so much easier to progress through the story compared to Himo Otoko. lol Plus the fact that you could alternate between the boys after each stage completion makes it abit more interesting. I always knew there is a hidden route upon completion! And this one doesn't fail to disappoint (though it didn't give me a shock compared to the Himo Otoko - I mean, there isn't any Yandere in this route is there? ).

Spoiler alert!

Yuta was the secret character (My sensor for secret route is as sharp as always XD)! And since he's already a friend, you get only get one (LOVE) ending for him only! XD I must admit I was abit disappointed to see when he gives you hint and guide through the chat, which lead me to think initially that he might not be a playable route. *sob*

Spoiler Ends!

Overall the routes are all sweet, as expected from a Maiden Club! On a side note, there are traces of Yuuto (The infamous Himo Otoko) within the game in the SNS Chat function as stickers! lol

If you're in for some sweet romance story (and able to not imagine what heroine looks like prior to the transformation), join the Maiden Club today! XD

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genre : Games


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