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Do you want to be "our" manager?

Brought to you by M-Up Inc! Similar gameplay to their Riajuu Hajimemashita (Kari), or Gesu Koi? Riajyuu? Risei Houkai...! which I recently posted (I actually thought they were made by the same company in the first glace with the game icon! ), this ones comes with voiced phone call at the end of the route! Though saying that, I don't know any of the seiyuu well enough to be addicted to this one. It was just like a pleasant surprised that they suddenly call you and you could either reject or pick up the call, but you could still hang up after picking up the telephone call (Have obviously tried that, but you know, there's a time and place for that sort of things. lol).

I have been busying being an idol groups manager, restaurant managers, resort manager... so I figure why not. lol
There isn't a cover so I'll just leave the contacts here since it's the first page that comes up.

You (Name changeable) entered into Najiiro Gakuen Koudo Koukou as a first year studen have always wanted to take on a challenge and become a club manager! At the same time, you were (super) actively pursued by fellow classmates and senpais who are members from various clubs - Basketball, soccer, baseball etc. - to become their manager via chats on messaging systems and on phone! Which club will you become the manager of...??

Aoyama Kento (CV: Miwa Takahiro)
Akahata Shouta (CV: Balletta Yukata)
Takamidori Gen (CV: Matsumoto Shinobu)
Momose Ayumu (CV: Nishitani Akira)
Shidou Rei (CV: Kirihara Nobuaki)
Aizawa Tsukasa (CV: Okumura Shou)
Koganei You (CV: Mine Daiki)
Kuga Ren (CV: Mogi Takamasa)
Aoyama Hikaru (CV:Gouda Yuuki)
Shirataka Kouki (CV: Katou Tomoki)

Reply messages received from people from different clubs who wants to recruit you as a manager! Characters are unlocked as you progress with the other characters!

Their stickers got to the cutest that I have seen for a while for the chat style games!

Upon various replies (and filling up the love meter), you will receive a phone call from the character, click to pick up for the voiced phone call! Make sure you share on SNS after each phone call (Episode Clear). There are 4 episodes per character.

I was slightly disappointed that there isn't photos of the character but of real things. Although saying that, it's a nice little touch to give it abit of a realistic feel.

* Immediately after sending the message, tap back twice to avoid the ad (I don't think this would apply to iPhones lol).
* You could get 3 stickers by watching the PR video. Don't waste your stickers... Then again, not much point in keeping them. XD
* Rate a 5 stars for additional characters in their future update!

I think there's something seriously wrong with these clubs, that or, this school used to be a all boys school and heroine is the only girl in the school hence she's a hot property as a ideal manager for all clubs. lol The message conversations could be summarise to thanking the character for inviting her to be a manager and talking about her fear that she won't be able to fill in the manager role properly... constantly. lol

I managed to complete a few routes episode at the same time and said you get a feeling that there will be a phone call soon... lol and in the end, Kento (I believe he's the official route since he's the first message so he's ahead of the pack) called prior to the others - and it was without warning! Then it was followed by all the characters in order of completion. When I think about it, giving in real life situation, you would have to only pick one call up (and likely the first one) and decline the rest (Being not be able to pick up the other phone calls to know what they think)...? XD

Play now to be a manager of 10 clubs... a challenge indeed. lol

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