[iPhone] Love Cuts: Descendants of Sun

Otome game in war!

Brought to you by Hanabi Media!! Loosely based on the storyline of the popular Korean Drama Descendants of the Sun... which I only found out recently after being given a bunch of face masks with with the actor Song Joong-ki and having watch the actual drama itself. lol The story isn't entirely true to the drama - suppose copyright that's what spoils the surprise of the story right?!

Normally I don't normally do a post for English translated games, but regardless personally I think it's still good stand alone, probably because I played the game prior to watching the drama. lol That or are my expectation low to begin with having seen the character looking like those from Voltage Inc. (I stopped playing their games quite some years ago give more choices on the app stores)? XD

I'll try not to include too much pictures since there's not much to begin with!
This picture basically gives the same vibe as the drama! XD

You are a surgeon who have a handsome and gentle boyfriend - Daniel - who is also your colleague. Whilst waiting for Daniel to come back to the doctor's office, a mysterious man in military uniform enters the room through the window covered in blood. Without a second thought, you treated him without asking any further questions...


Your typical novel style where you have the option to choose your responses and progress with the story. There are two endings so obviously there's a question which will make you choose between the two. lol

It was intense! The terrible things that happened in game was far worst compared to the drama! lol Since nothing needs to be drawn or acted out, I supposed they could make it as terrible as they like! Haha I didn't sleep until I finished one route. lol I've tried their other title Hot Roomies: A Love Triangle, but only very barely started (Just filling in the room wanted form and got asked weird questions about cats) and I felt sleepy (Well, I did spend one night just playing the game straight just before bed). lol Giving the endings were probably more realistic in this one it did felt like I just watched a movie. lol

I like Si Jin's personality (Although military uniform is another thing lol)... there were so much teases (and surprises), and he have been giving alot knowing he may not get anything back in return. Problem is that whenever it's the right moment he just disappears or the ex boyfriend appears. That said it was Si Jin all the way since he appeared and when you got dumped. lol I like it alot when Si Jin was along with heroine. The things he said was smart and right in the kokoro. lol I was fangirling abit whilst playing with some of the embarrassing lines such as how you saved his life and his soul belongs to you and how he's also interesting in your babies which were both nicely counter attacked by heroine. XD I suppose this humour is required to balance out the terrible things that happens in the story.

That said, I'm not overly fond of Daniel when he become all weak and sway between his actions. I mean, if you were going to cut her out completely then do so! Also, I suspected something going on between the cousin and him also which made me sway my responses between the two characters. lol Most times though, I felt bad after choosing a response and tried to make up for it in the other. XP

Whatever decision you made, living is probably another representation of a Happy end... correct? As the title implies, love cuts.

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