[Cosplay] AVCon!

@ Adelaide City Centre!

After two years of saying how much I want to go to Adelaide for Avcon at least once in my life, I finally managed to go there with a bunch of friends. Interestingly too, there were a few Sydney artists who decided to go to AVCon as well... must be a convention season. XD

Although saying that, the main attraction seems to be Pokemon Go! due to the massive amount of Poke Spot that was located all around the Adelaide CBD. Makes me regret not taking my mums phone for the Pokemon Go!

Backdated log clearance before year ends!
Inside the venue!

It's been a while since I've seen an artist circle (Most times it's just rectangle since it's more space efficient that way. lol)! The venue was well lit by natural sunlight, that said, it was warm (hot depending if you stay at artist tables) for the whole weekend. I was surprised to see the free charging stations as well as filtered water dispenser, which is never seen at Conventions before. lol Saves alot of low batteries and dehydration from the heat!

2/2 Kareshi
Photog @ Dewmelen

I just had to wear this for the second time before I convert it into Asahina Kyoya from Yumeiro Cast! We chose a background that had two tones which I was pretty happy with the results - reminds me of the Day and Night of their appearance.

Maid Cafe
Maid's Cafe entrance

We went to Maid cafe early in the morning on the Sunday since we won't allow to book on Saturday. My friends and I were relatively disappointed with the service there at the Maid Cafe. lol What am I talking about...? Correction, there was no greeting and there was hardly any service at all. There was a $2 entry fee (compared to most Maid Cafe we went, it was relatively fair). The food inside were the same as the food vendors, in fact, they went to get it from there (I suppose this was the service we paid for, being sitting and just wait for our food). We chose to sit near the garden area since it was pretty nicely setup. We asked for permission to take photos with a massive flower wall and a nice little lounge setting with a fire place for a decent mini photo shoot! lol

While the maid took off with my $50 notes that I haven't seen for a long time, I was slightly worried she took off. lol She returned with the food and my change but she was told off by the head maid that she's suppose to remove the menu from the table. She immediately grabbed the menu which was underneath the food she just placed. Thankfully, my friend managed to catch the food before it fell onto her. And just when we though the worst part was over, the magic was lack of energy, plus it had a very heavy English accent in Japanese. Oishikuna-way!

The food! Look decent with the power of table decorations!

We did hear the ratings of it prior to entering. Anyway, my thought is just that people are still sleepy heads and haven't full awaken yet (Despite being 11am plus shops somehow closes early in Adelaide). I think the only upside for me was the beautiful set up in there which we had a mini photoshoot (without the maids lol) and a place to sit whilst eating. This is the first time we walked out of the maid cafe without a Polaroid or even a goodbye (Since money was collected in advance). As expected when we note the room is Called Maid's Cafe, not Made Cafe prior to heading in. lol

Regardless, we did make our entry fee worthwhile with the settings that was provided for photos (only without Maids lol).

Marginal # 4 (Wonder Corona Ver)
Atom @ Nabari
Kira @ Haruki
Tsubasa @ Dewmelen
Photog @ Bambi

First group shot! I don't think I've seen such a great wall of flowers (Setting 1 in Maid Cafe)!

Settle two was very homely... didn't suit our cosplay but we made some use of it.

Here's just us playing with the setting. It was probably the thing that we enjoyed the most out of the Maid Cafe experience.

For the first time ever, the group of us managed to have time to build a Gundam at Shin Tokyo! Since there was only 3 seats available, Nekomot had to sit out since he's an expert with Gundam building so he mentor whilst Haruki, Dewmelen and myself compete to finish the Gundam! Okay, maybe it was just me being competitive. lol And I finished first (Amongst the 3 of us only)! WOOT! XD

Our group Gundam building!

My first Gundam (with the applier that I found out what it was after building completion - and no, it's not supposed to be a shield but I used it as a shield because it seems to be missing something)!

To end the convention, we watched the voice/song dubbing session host by Caitlin Glass. I must say they work alot harder than what I thought they would. Like getting involved in changing lyrics and singing other people's part in the way they imagine it to be. That said, I could just be bias with Show By Rock!

Here's us half overtaking the stage after cosplay competition for a few quick photos.

AVcon is probably more known for its gaming sessions and the board game! Their schedule was massive. There were limited amount of people entering the National cosplay competitions, but a whole lot more cosplayers in the general competition. And we note most of the cosplayers in Adelaide were skilled in making armours! On a side note, it was nice to see a Emonzaemon cosplayer from our beloved series Katanagatari! Nostalgic!

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