[Cosplay] Gammacon!

@ AIS Arena!

Went to Gammacon (and Canberra) for the first time with Bambi, Froakie and Moja! Backdated to 17-18 September 2016!

Having heard some good things about Gammacon from Ry, we thought it would be a good time to travel to Canberra and do a day of convention and a day of sight seeing (Like we did for AVcon in Adelaide lol).

I was given the Pokeball look alike powerbank by my Cousin who left to work overseas recently so I thought I wanted to show off the Pokeball by cosplaying as Calem from Pokemon X again! I know... it's old, but since I've got quite alot of people's help to get Froakie years ago (and never used it), plus new anime Pokemon Sun/Moon will be out in November... I figured it was good time to wear it one last time!

Bambi on the other hand decided to cosplay Ashiya from Fukigen Na Mononoke An. So both of us ended up having to carry a plushie around the convention. =w=; As mentioned by Bambi, he does look like Joe Kido from Digimon without glasses with Moja looking like one too. lol
I spent Friday packing up my bag, including choosing my wig! I went with the good old dark blue wig due to the length of it.

Moja will be your tour guide!

Probably because we haven't been to a small convention in a while... we were abit surprised with how small the convention was. It was closer to a fair (In Sydney standard) than a convention. There are approximately 50 cosplayers seen during the day. And from what we gathered from the locals - photographers and vendors that it have already gotten alot more traffic and bigger than last year.

Inside the venue.

For the first time ever, they had Bones miniature painting sponsored by Aetherworks! I must say 1 hour duration wasn't enough for me, particularly due to the small size of the figure. x-x But it was definitely interesting, and after that 1 hour, I appreciated hand painted miniatures a lot more!

From picking the miniature to painting the miniature figure! Left Bambi's and right is mine. My painting skill fails. orz

At last I went to my friend Blue's Itasha Panel (Too busy at Smash)! There were fewer attendees than what I expected, but it IS an expensive hobby! Seriously Itai...! Also he mentioned about a certain surprise going forward, so I do look forward to it! XD Apart from the Itasha panel, I spoke to a girl who had a Touken Ranbu itabag and we spoke of a few bags and titles. *Sigh* Why does all the otome gamers are outside of Sydney.

Sat at the stage where most people were hiding.

It's been years since we did a mini shoot during convention... just proves there wasn't enough things for us to do (and that we're interested) during convention time. Bambi mentioned he intent to make Cos card for the first time with Ashiya so I had full responsibility of the photo he could use. lol Was extremely tempted at going to the swimming pool for Pokemon X shoot but wasn't gamed enough. lol I'm happy staying on land many thanks!

Someone's energy source was all drained...

To wrap up, we battled on Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel which I defeated Bambi 2/3 times (Just need powerful characters)! XD Originally want to play on Pokken Tournament but it was always packed so we gave up and left.

We went back to the convention late afternoon after doing all the sight seeings - Floraide, Canberra Central, Parliament house, Old Parliament House... I wanted to go to Cockington Green Gardens for Miniature buildings but it started pouring after Floraide. So we drove pass the embassy, library, Questacon and Telstra Tower! It's been a while since I last visited a convention out of cosplay. lol There were more awesome cosplayers than Saturday probably because of the cosplay competition being held on the Sunday. We just missed the competition by the time we got there.

I also get to meet Lily who is a female Itasha owner in Canberra - not to mention she also bakes very nice and yummy cakes which took part of the SydAni Cafe (See my post here)!

Overall Gammacon felt like a mini version of Supanova, I wish to see more vendors with more variety of merchandises. I think 1 day of the convention was enough to give me a glimpse of the convention. I may try out Artist tabling next time... but only if my friends are still interested in going.

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