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Found more games! Keitai Love Simulation

Been digging around for Otome games since Animania! XD (Partly because I'm stuck on Case of Edgeworth Investigation 2 :P) And I only recently found out that there's Keitai Love Simulation that's available for download on iPhone/Androids! OMG! <3 *In Otome mode* Never knew they exist up until now because Australia could be quite a lonely/outdated place for Otome stuffs!

The following games are reviewed:
* Tokimeki Gensou Koisuru Genpei (Japanese text)
* Tokimeki Youen Vampire (Japanese text)
* Motto!! Renai Shugi Road to Emerald (English text)
* Motto!! Renai Shugi Blue Bird ~ Koi no Killer Tune ~ (Japanese text)
See the whole listing on this recommended website!

Particular picks:

Tokimeki Gensou Koisuru Genpei


The Free Trial version have limited story despite being over 200mb. orz Probably because it has its own music. Sadly Keitai Love Simulation haven't advance to voice yet?! I really love the drawing of this one, and would love to see more of their interaction with the heroine (Face unknown). The prologue gives you a general idea of the storyline. Wasn't like a AVG, more like a novel. :P Moving on.

The Heroine (colleage student who studies history) time slipped with her classmate (location unknown) to the Heian period (Over thousands of years ago). The Heroine stayed in the care of Kiichi Hougen, the Onmyouji of Kyo who rescued her under the bridge. Interested in the future world, Hougen asked Heroine to stay and share knowledge of both worlds.

Not long after, accompanied by Musashibou Benkei, Minamoto No Yoshitsune went to see the Heroine who is known as the "Miko". He forcefully tried to take Heroine away because there's a rumor has it whoever posses the Miko will rule the world. Fortunately Hougen return in time to kick them out partially due to his over protectiveness and jealousy seeing how "intimate" Yoshitsune was to Heroine.

Taira No Noritsune who loves to compete with Yoshitsune also came to see Heroine and asked her to go with him to the outside world. And thus begin the war between the Minamoto-shi and Taira-shi in power and love!

Prologue ends here with you selecting the guy character you're interested in. You need to buy each guy to see the rest of the story, or the cheaper option would be to bulk buy the 10 characters! XD *is tempted* Each character have a happy end, future world end and sad end. <3

The down side of Keitai Love Simulation seems to be the lack of CG events!? (Probably because I'm playing the free trial version orz) Its open to imagination. ^^; Apart from that it's a confine space for much event on the CG. lol

Tokimeki Youen Vampire


Despite the lack of costume designs (it's uniform so it can't be helped), the facial expression of these playable characters is super smexy! *drool* As you may note, the use of the title "Tokimeki" is similar Tokimeki Gensou Koisuru Genpei (Above). It's actually done by the same company! <3 (This company is of quality! XD)

I couldn't find the Free Trial version yet, probably need to try searching it in Japanese. orz But hey, it's set in Taishou Jidai x Vampires x SMEXY BISHIES!!! One of them actually looks like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji! lol

Motto!! Renai Shugi Road to Emerald

The Free Trial version was a pretty decent size of 12mb for its graphic quality and music! The story is based on Wizard of Oz. Love how it's available in English! XD (Copy and paste storyline below)

One day, Makoto stopped at the book store on her way home and picked up the book of "Wizard of Oz". When she was looking at the book, she suddenly got dragged into the world of "Wizard of Oz". To find Oz, she needs to travel to Emerald City with her new friends, Otto "the Scarecrow", Gragg "the Tin Man" and Friday "the Lion". Can they find Oz who can help Makoto go home?

The storyline pretty much sums everything up. What I liked about this Free Trial version was that there's slightly more romantic interaction with the newly met characters compare to Genpei (mentioned above). Apart from that you could options to what to reply. And the complete game price is just $2! XD

Motto!! Renai Shugi Blue Bird ~ Koi no Killer Tune ~

Blue bird

UTAPRI (Uta no Prince Sama) is the first thing that came to mind! lol *is Addicted to Utapri* Made by the same company as Road to Emerald. Despite having released in early March this year, I couldn't find the English version of it. orz

Suwabe Makodo was shock to overheard her brother and his friend's conversation which deny her musical talent in singing. But no matter how much one tries to leave music, the passion would always be there. One day, Makodo came across this small music store with Electric Bass guitar on the display window. She encountered Katanashi Kaname, a young man who does by the nickname "Maou" (Devil) and is Music instrument store owner. Kaname suggest that they should make a band with Makodo as the vocalist that plays bass...

Check out the website for more Keitai games~ the above mentioned are just ones that I thought would be worth while playing. ;D

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