[Android] Otouto Grand Prix

Is it just me or do I see the implication of Otou-(Com)Plex instead? lol

Ever thought what it's like to have a younger brother? Let alone having 3 younger brother at the same time! Now's the time to be called Older Brother / Sister with the new game! Brought to you by WHRP, which is known for their popular title OniYome (Ore to Oniyome no 100 nichi senki!), highly recommended to those who haven't played it! You get the thrill of not knowing if you get the correct answer and not make your lovely cute wife angry (I honestly think the game title should be My lovely wife can't be this cute!). XD

Back to their new title, you have three younger brothers to raise and direct them towards the right direction in life! You could be an older brother / sister, doesn't really matter, what matters is what they call you!

Read on if you have Brother Complex! (J/k)

You have returned to the farm side to your Grandfather's place after some years, where you come across 3 young boys there who are now your younger brothers! Your Grandfather have asked you (through a duck) to practice singing and dancing with them for the Grand Prix...!


You can't change between the characters until you have finished unlocked the other routes near the end of the route

The room keeps getting messier. lol

Tap on the items to gift to them and collect stars which you could use as coins to buy new toys (It will also give a one off increase to the love meter upon unlocking new toys)! These toys will appear in the room (with different star points) and will be converted into stars again. I feel like I was tidying up their toys instead of gifting them (Initially it could have been lol).

Skinship! Praise them for the good work!

Tap on the character to pat them to improve the relationship meter. Upon filled meter you will progress with the story. You have a maximum of 6 pats and replenish 1 pat every 10 minutes.

Tap on Lesson to singing / dancing / running lesson to improve the status which are also graded depending on the mood emoji. Playing with them allows you to improve their mood, subject to your answer chosen within the 3 options. One lesson will replenish after each hour.


Upon filled heart meter, the stage performance will be triggered and you need to tap whenever the circle hits the star. The circle will go opposite direction every time you hit the star. Aim to fill the fever meter! I'm unsure what happens if you don't fill the meter and I'm not likely to try (I know if you miss the star it reduces the fever meter, so maintain the meter within the time limit)! lol I'm sure the game difficulty is set so that everyone could pass it easily!

* Login daily to get extra items.
* Share on SNS (Facebook / Twitter / Line) daily to get item!
* Don't waste your time patting if you're out of hands (You will note there is no heart coming out from the patting or the timer is counting down the 10 minutes replenishment).
* Look out for flying birdie in the room which will give you extra stars!
* Watch a short ad to replenish one lesson (Instead of waiting for an hour for each lesson)!
* You would rather keep them happy prior to doing any lessons to maximise the efficiency! I recommend giving them the bowl of rice while they're in good mood prior to lessons. I mean, we all like to work when we have a full stomach. lol
* Use the toy hammer to trigger fever (rapid replenishment of toys)!
* Toys are not shared between routes and are required to be unlocked. However, the different toys doesn't make any difference to the coins collected, though there each gift gives bonus points to the love meter upon initial purchase and permanent star points to the star meter.

I'm relatively surprised to see there are 40 different endings! Which roughly relates to each character could be evolved into types of 3, and each type have their own good or bad ending?

I must say I really like the drawing in this one compared to the other houchi games that I'm playing at the moment. The additional lesson function to change the status reminds me of Princess Maker (Or Prince Maker, but Princess one was more popular from my knowledge and it's the original title of the game on computer)! On top of it, they even modernised it with the additional patting function too! XD I tried to pat beyond the head area but fails, though I know it's not skinship. lol

I haven't really taken a particular bias for this one (I have chosen Yuuma as default since he looks like the official route XD), but level 3 Yuuma (Or 3rd evolution, depending how you want to call it! lol) looks like Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura. XD playing between routes makes me feel sorry for the last route since the characters change into the outfit of they stage/level you're on! That said, the last to play will be in normal Tshirt while the others are in stage clothing. orz

Interestingly, player's name was originally defaulted to Ani (Older brother) plus the gender was defaulted to male! And when switching the gender to female doesn't change the name being called. Whether it's love (Most likely for the female gamers) or family (male gamers) it doesn't really matters, what matters is that they're your lovely little brothers!


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