[Android] Himitsu no Kankei Hajimemashita

Secret love triangle!

Brought to you by Cybergate technology Ltd! I first came across them with the Kabedon (Angry Neighbour) game because of the Kabedon trend, but it was more kabedon in non romantic situations. lol Then it was their Kataomoiaruaru~ Munekyun ippai Simulation game which wasn't entirely normal either with some overly obsessive actions to stalk your love one. XD

This time, you get to choose your gender and you'll be able to start messaging the characters of the opposite gender... while already dating someone! I would probably call this the cheating game. lol

As usual, my focus is for the girls side on the routes! XD
Italic textHimitsuNoKankeiCover.jpg
As usual, these games doesn't have a cover. Luckily I remember to screen capture before starting... XD

Not in any particular order~

Kajikawa Hiroki
Kurokawa Hiroshi
Koizumi Sougo
Takasaki Ryouichi
Tokozawa Kenji
Hatano Akira
Makita Harumichi
Matsugatani Shou
Matsugatani Akihiro
Yokoyama Ryuuhei

Each message is full of spoilers...! lol

Choose a reply between the list of available answers to increase or decrease the love meter. If your love meter reaches to zero, you need to start over. Upon finishing the route with filled meter, you will obtain the character CG that could be revisited in the gallery! If you do not fill the love meter, you will reach bad end and require to start over.

Takes at least 50+ hours to complete all routes for both guy side and girls side and most of the ending leaves you feeling incomplete with just a character CG (I need happy end or after story scenarios!). XD Though this one have higher reply speed, better drawings and picking up the voiced phone call which makes it stands out from the other messaging games! There is tiny bit of weird lag in the increase to the love meter, but it's very minimal lag.

The drawing reminds me that of Isshoni Gohan Apartment Dinner Show with Yukihiro Utako as the illust (See my post here)! But I's definitely not as good as the mangaka's drawing, but the characters still have their own charm, it's probably just the casual characters with distinct colouring style that reminds me of the series.

It's somewhat exciting to get information that different characters are related to another character in some ways. Such as family members, colleagues, boss, building owner. It's all a big circle of friends/acquaintance! And on top of it, you discover that you actually have a boyfriend and is secretly texting other people and making sure you don't get exposed! XD When you continue to play it, you just notice the heroine (Or Hero depending which one you play) is pretty bad to be cheating when her boyfriend Hiroki is so such a perfect guy!

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