[Android] KoiCro Renai x Crossword

Love Cross(word)!

Brought to you by Geo Brain Entertainment! Last I have played their game was Kyou Watashi wa Otouto ni Koisuru (See my post here!) which I believe didn't really require me to use much brain cell compared to this one!

For those who likes abit of challenge!

Miyaguchi Haruka (Name changeable) met Nanao twin brothers (from different eggs) Shuuya and Kazuki at the opening ceremony at the university. They have money, brains and good looks! But which one will she go for?


Nanao Shuuya
Nanao Kazuki

After reading some of the story, you'll be prompt to play the crosswords (as with Mission for other mobile otome games)!

Choose the crossword from the follow 3 status - Luck, Health and Knowledge. To be honest I think the crossword is randomly generated... At first glance I thought they were topics which would make it alot easier. orz


Slide to move around the crossword. Tap on the same box to show different clue for the alternative direction. Tap onto the box to select the Katakana to input, do the same until the whole word is entered. Click the bottom right button to answer (checks if the answer is correct), upon correct answer the words will change colour otherwise you lose one heart for this round's crossword.

Upon clearing the crossword you'll see their personality status change upon your choice in the 3 option question! All you need is to fill in two answers correctly (Up to 5 chances to get an check for incorrect answer) in the cross word to progress (Press skip!) with the story, where you then need to answer the question correctly to get higher points to the specific status you have chosen initially for the crossword!

Each personality have up to 6 endings, making it 18 endings per character!

* Have the internet ready for look up... lol google translate would help translate your native language to Japanese.
* Attempt to answer crosswords with part of the words already filled.
* Press skip after 2 answers for fast track the story (Although not recommended for reaching the other endings for each personality).
* It takes less than 10 minutes to replenish the crossword for each status.
* Do not restart the game... as it's buggy, you will not be able to restart the game even with enough story tickets, but it failed to progress. lol If it happened to you, I'm sad to say you should redownload the game...

To be honest I had a different image of how the characters develop with the different personalities. Regardless, I think Shuuya is still the preferred brother for me. lol

I wish I could just type in the answer instead of selecting individual boxes and then looking up alphabetically. Plus I didn't like how it's all Katakana since I kept thinking of English words (Is that how normal Japanese crosswords are?!)... orz I'm generally not too interested in crossword even when it comes to English, let alone it being in Japanese language! Shall take my time to play this... or just skip it all together due to the lack of walkthrough online.

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