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Otome Ryoukan!

It's been a while since I last played a game from Chronus Inc, known for many of their Houchi (Leave alone) / Shop running game style apps, ranges from different cruisines /locations and many more. My focus have always been otome game focus, so I've only played their previous titles such as Doki Doki Renai Panyasan (See my post here) and Doki Doki Renai Italian (Somehow I thought I posted this one prior to completion... but looks like I've missed it. It was a good story and had a happy end too. lol)

Short game post will be short!
I'm for Makoto... so far!

Tachibana Kaori's parents owed a sum of money in which two men came to their resident to collect money for the loan they took. Kaori have no choice but to take on the offer to work at an Onsen Ryokan which was run by one of the man's childhood friend, to pay off the debt. She is to work towards being the Wakaokami (Proprietress-to-be of the Ryokan) but at the Ryokan there is the young owner Makoto and a super picky but a ikemen novelist Higashino...

Shibasaki Reiko

Endless cycle!

Collect ingredients, study the recipes to make delicious bread to earn money! To progress through the story you need to fulfill the required recipes (Total of 60 recipes/chapters) and/or sell enough. Good thing with these games they don't worry about the costs of ingredients (Unless you want them instantly which could be purchased at the shops at premium prices, otherwise, grow your own)!

* Only purchase new recipes for the shop and upgrade the farm and restaurant (Ryokan).
* Only purchase ingredients last to finish off the last few recipes to finish the story because by the time you have purchased all the recipes and upgrades, the money doesn't matter anymore!
* Share on twitter after each new recipe is unlocked to get full replenishment and 2000 in game currency!
* Buy ingredient to earn more money! It's not how much you have saved, but how much you keep earning in order to progress with the second half of the game!
* If you accidentally skipped the chapter (or to be read later), you could revisit them at the top left hand corner in the

They have finally increased the amount of ingredients you could hold to 30... if I recall correctly they used to be 10!? I wish they could highlight which recipe you could experiment... that would save me time from trying to find the ingredient, and then realised the last one was missing. orz Or they could simply let us just pick the recipe and done. lol Though saying that, we only need to do this once... (Patience!)

Regardless, it seems like as with the previous few games, the last ingredient for the last dish is takes the longest to achieve... as usual, it requires you to reach approximately a million dollar in saving before giving you the last ingredient. Then, they make you continue with making more food for money...! I was wondering why I'm almost done with the recipe but still no where near finishing all the chapters.

I always think the game would be abit more interesting if they allow player to choose the route. I'm taken by surprised with the looks of the sub characters too! It's the drawing style I must say! Everyone is so ikemen or pretty (I also wish they gave the loan sharks names instead of Man 1 and 2, because I think the older brother could be a route too! lol *Is addicted to unlocking secret routes*). Plus there's always one mean girl... and I was slightly hoping that Reiko was a trap (potential route, and it's probably a yandere route hahaha) since if she's so pretty and have been close to Makoto for the longest time, why isn't she the Wakaokama yet?! Unless Makoto and Hiagashino have exquisite taste... XD More importantly, is it just me or was there Phoenix Wright music in the secret basement scene! I almost felt that the story totally went detective type! XD

Enough said, I do enjoy all their otome game themed games with the reading worthy stories (So much tease in this one compared to the other ones with one single route)! This one is definitely better than the last! XD Play to find out who Kaori ended up with!

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