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Act! Addict! Actors!

Brought to you by Liber Entertainment Inc! Although not explained clear enough in game what the A3 stands for, but you will note it's explained the in title as fine print. =w=

Beautifully illustrated by Fujiwara Ryou whose associated with alot of otome game titles and products such as drama CD covers for Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen, the manga based on the novel Shinigamihime no Saikon, to more recent music covers Dynamic Chord! And noted that this game is fully voiced for the main story!

Rank up is as easy as 123! (Trust me it is!)
Leaders of each group!

At the outer skirts of Tokyo at Atejimachi, there is a street called Veludo Way which is a landmark where alot of talents are gathered. Tachibana Izumi (Name changeable, surname not changeable) received a letter addressed to her father - who have gone missing for 8 years - from Matsukawa at Mankai theatre. Upon reaching the theatre she learnt that the Mankai company is in deep financial troubles with no audience and only one newbie member remaining! Learning her father's involvement with the theatre in the past, as a former theatre performance she take on the responsibility of the General Manager and scout for new members for bringing a new performance in a long time!

The split the groups into season which reminds me of Starry Sky... >w<

Sakuma Sakuya (CV: Sakai Koudai)
Usui Masumi (CV: Shirai Yusuke)
Minagi Tsuzuru (CV: Nishiyama Koutarou)
Chigasaki Itaru (CV: Asanuma Shintarou)
Citron (CV: Igarashi Masashi)

Sumeragi Tenma (CV: Eguchi Takuya)
Rurikawa Yuki (CV: Toki Shunichu)
Sakisaka Muku (CV: Yamaya Yoshitaka)
Ikaruga Misumi (CV: Hirose Daisuke)
Miyoshi Kazunari (CV: Ozawa Ren)

Settsu Banri (CV: Sawashiro Chiharu)
Hyoudou Juuza (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)
Nanao Taichi (CV: Hama Kento)
Fushimi Omi (CV: Kumagai Kentarou)
Furuichi Sakyou (CV: Hose Yuichi)

Tsukioka Tsumugi (CV: Tamaru Atsushi)
Takatoo Tasuku (CV: Satou Takuya)
Mikage Hisoka (CV: Terashima Junta)
Arisugawa Homare (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)
Yukishiro Azuma (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

Basic story is visual novel style. Rarely do you get to choose a reply, but there are some chances you're asked in the character stories. Regardless, the answer does not impact on the result of the story.

Some of the side characters shown!

Customise and train your team with casts with lessons through simple tap (Auto run also available). But most importantly, run stage performance!

The performance could be viewed with the characters you have chosen in chibi style which I find very cute and interesting! Although the title of the story you could relate to what you know, but the outcome is definitely different from their original stories! E.g. Romeo and Julius!

Play mini game to earn extra in game currencies!

Play the Heart Catcher game whilst out of the theatre! Your choice of members will change the way their conversation!

* Start playing now to get in game currencies of Premium Medal x 5 and 250 Diamond for scouting!! The bonus applies until end of February 2017!
* Add friends! Here's my ID: 682366971!
* Gift flowers to all your friends for more friend points for gacha!
* Spend your LP wisely and run auto lessons whenever you have LP!
* Spend your SP wisely and run max performance whenever SP is full! You will find that in most cases when you have levelled up you get max SP (10 Times the performance)! It is recommended that you do the same performances many times until you have changed the casts as the requirements are different and will impact on the points! Choose the team that gives most points!
* Take note of the condition for crowns as they require specific character cards.
* Read the main stories to earn 2 diamond per chapter, or read the character stories to earn 1 diamond!
* Update your team regularly, particularly when you get SR and SSR cards!
* Go and promote the Mankai theatre at various locations every few hours through the Heart Catcher mini game!
* Go bloom for all the duplicated main character cards! I recommend do them in priorities of rarity.

It was interesting to learn about Street Act... but that said, that place is probably filled with con man since they'll all be acting on the street randomly. lol The gameplay I would say is closer to Ensemble Stars... since the gameplay is not music related. But the mini game such as clearing the hearts on the screen seems more interesting than Ensemble Stars. :P I might be bias with this one since the characters looks more mature than that of Ensemble Stars... XD

So far I've read the Spring group's story and I must say I've yet to learn all the character names! General view of the groups I would say I'm leaning towards favouring Spring Group, and so far Itaru, Masumi and Sakyou (Despite him not being in the Spring group, but appearing so early on in the stage makes me feel that he's secretly helping the Mankai Theatre in his own way by giving them more time)! Did I ever mention how cute the Izumi (Heroine) is!? I guess it's no wonder that all these ikemen are so willingly joining the group (Not to mention the free accommodation as well)! Although romance story isn't highly likely (since the stage only allows guys actors), one could still enjoy the little private scenarios with each characters!

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