[Android] Mama ni Game kakusareta! 1 & 2

My game's been hidden by mum!

Brought to you by Hap Inc! Been seeing this game around but never got around to it (Otoge and JRPGs are my priorities!) until I was "forced" to play the full 30 days worth at RTX Sydney the weekend that just passed. But it wasn't too difficult, just sometimes requires you to think outside the boxes (literally)!

And if I'm not mistaken... it's created by a one man band!

Read on for short review!
I'm surprised that he haven't learnt his lesson... lol

Whilst playing the game in your room, you were spied on by your mother. The next day, you searched up and down for your game console and figured... your game console was hidden away by mum!

The gameplay is similar to that of escape rooms!

Tap on objects to trigger action for picking up/using!

* Beware of the mum/tricks/traps!
* Think outside the box! Literally!
* There are different ways to use items...!

One couldn't help but laugh about how they managed to fit that many things into a small room/home and some of the not so common sense!

With minimal words to introduce the games, the characters are also nameless, but you could probably guess all their relationship to the main character. That aside, did anyone notice the use of the classic Doraemon characters colour scheme...!? Main character is Nobita, Mum is Nobita's mum, younger sister is Shizuka, the blue rooms... Doraemon!? XD Ok I might be abit forceful on the last one. The mum did scare me from the early beginnings... then I've gotten used to her abit more (I still fear she would pop out randomly from some mysterious dimensions lol). Game 1 definitely have a better vibe than game 2 I must admit!

It's easy and straight forward, though at times it's hilarious (Tricks and traps here and there!). lol Nevertheless, it's wrapped up with a fuzzy feeling inside upon completion (Even if it means only a month in each game)! I also like how they do spin off games with the same characters which you would have become familiar with from this game or vice versa. Each game could be finished less than 20 mins! Recommended for those who likes to play escape room or puzzle games with abit of a twist!

Can't wait for the sequel for the next generation... (It seems?)!


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