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Signs of first love!

Brought to you by Favary! With the tag line of wanting to love freely, in deed they did with the including of love in various... gender. Which is on of the reason why this one got a lot of attention in the media. But that's not the main reason for me to play it! XD I just generally like the drawings of this one, and since there are normal routes, then why not! My only complain is probably just not being able to mix the BG pairings... =w=

Read on for the cute characters~
There's no actual game cover for it so I just leave the main screen as the main cover...

Moriwaka Chitose
Nagamine Asahi
Hagaya Sou

Sub characters
Minami Keiichi
Hanada Mayu

Visual novel gameplay where you get to choose between two options with the score of +3 or +5 for the love meter.


Stroll around the school areas (Recover 1 HP every 3 minutes!) to increase your charm to clear mission and progress with the story!

There is normal and happy end for Asahi x Chitose, Sou x Akira, Akira x Chitose and Sou x Asahi, and 3 CGs per route!

* Daily login
* Play events for bonus stories (They don't use up story tickets, but they do uses the same stroll HP orz)!

Crazy ships...! Ranges from your normal Boy x Girl (Though saying that the pairings are set solid which I was abit disappointed with the flexibility despite the characters appears in each other's routes), to Girl x Girl and Boy x Boy. orz There is an extra BLobby limited story which is only available as Tokuten from early registration, along with it were 9 story tickets, 4 HP recovery items! Guess we could all tell from the company name BLobby that which route they support more (Plus the fact that those two characters are in the front and bigger than the other two ). Though I'm focused on the normal BG routes here!

Realistically speaking, the game is taking forever to finish given the seasonal events which uses the same health for improving the charisma! orz

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theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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