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Brought to you by Hakusensha x Takara Tomy and utilising our favourite the Line chat system! Upon their new release of the serialisation of the manga Neko Danshi Nyankee High School illustrated by Shibamiya Yuki in the monthly Hana to Yume, they've made a Line account for the main character of the story with AI which will respond to your messages!

Read on to find out more about the character's background and some tips for messages!
Using the timeline as cover...!

Chatani Kagetora is a first year student at Matatabi Koukou (Known as Maka Kou). There is a annual Fighting Fest in which the school will fight against Karikari Gakuen (Known as Kari Gaku) for the title of the strongest school, but the student who loses the battle will be transformed into a cat when KO (Knocked Out)...

Maka High
Chatani Kagetora (CV: Yashiro Taku)
Eki Masato
Urahama Hayato
Mike Jirimorio

Kari High
Kurose Kousei (CV: Shirai Yuusuke)
Shitara Tooru
Ooyama Tsuyu

Add the Line ID kagetora_nyanhigh to your Line friend list (They also provide a QR code for scanning in case you didn't find their account)!


Send a message in the conversation and the replies are instant! You could also send pictures, emojis and stickers! In return... there are chances you'll receive pictures... AND potentially voices in return!

* You'll trigger more response with Japanese writing (Their replies are in Japanese, even if you asked them to write in English...)!
* This account requires time... I tried to rushed through conversation trying to get the photos (Event CGs, apparently there are over 20 photos that you could get!) but just failed even if I tried the wording shown on the official Twitter account.
* Talk about food, friends and basically anything! It's the keywords that trigger the conversation! That said, you don't have to type full sentences!

It seems like a trend nowadays to include a moving and voiced PV prior to the launch of the comics. I suppose that way they guarantee the audience... it's only a matter of time before they make an anime version of it!

Personal favourite is the Kari Gakuen side...! Kurose and Chikatarou are visually my favourite. lol Not sure about the seiyuu for the other characters at this moment. Though interestingly they didn't include those seiyuus name in the video! I would imagine the seiyuu would need that promotion. XP

Regardless, can't wait until they release Kurose's account for the second release (It's been confirmed but no set date yet)! :D

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