[Android] Dassatsu Game Kimi to Ishhouni

Escape game with you

Brought to you by FMT Inc which have a beautiful meaning as "Fukuoka Wo Motto Tanoshiku"! And indeed they bring entertainment to not only Fukuoka but also around the globe with their games!

But after having played this one last night over Valentine's Day (Why did I do this to myself lol), I'm having second thoughts about my comment above.

One rainy night, Demoto Mimatsu who's an ordinary OL woke up in a unknown room. There she was trapped inside the room with a cafe staff called Irie. As they try to get out from the room, what awaits for them outside was...

Find out why they were locked up in a room, but more importantly, who locked them up?


Tap on suspicious areas on the screen to find important items. Solve the puzzles and move on with the story!

* Remember, when we say numbers, there are 10 numbers that you could use. I must admit I was stuck on it so bad until a friend suggested the number! lol
* Use Hint from the menu when you're stuck.
* Show Answer by viewing a short ad when you're REALLY stuck. That said, anyone could finish the game!

Throughout the game as you talk Irie, you'll note that most of his answers doesn't relate to the puzzles (Most time I find anyway when I'm struggling). lol Since the whole thing thought part is spoiler-ish, so that's all I'm going to say in the non spoiler part. XD

Spoiler Alert!

My instinct was spot on from reading the game introduction on the app store! One could only think the guy that was locked up with heroine is actually the culprit... (I'm used to twisted thinking nowadays it's no surprising anymore!) And the simple reason is just wanting to be with her forever. =w= Sounds Yan enough?

Interesting note that they're given cute names... haha heroine who wants to get out and culprit who wants to stay in (with heroine)! Like I think there was enough hints (As if the sudden appearance of new items between the stages wasn't obvious enough!) to make anyone think why and who trap her there! Few scary parts including who Irie bending the metal with bare hands... and how heroine was trapped inside the bathroom (That gap which you could peek inside gives me the chill) and how he was so close to her while she sleeps (Nap).

I was seriously predicting a Yan face to show up in the ending but it didn't. I wonder if I have really finished the game since the last puzzle only have the door and the umbrella that you could interact with... and there wasn't a choice to leave or stay. lol

Spoiler Ends!

It all happened within a day...

Upon finishing the last puzzle, I fell asleep unknowingly since I was too tired. lol One could imagine heroine doing the same afterwards.


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