[Merc] Starry Sky Fragrance

Found some Merchandise! Starry Sky Fragrance!

There! I said it!

Starry sky playable routes are getting their own fragrance~! So far only 7 have been released...
starry sky perfume

They're the ones that have been released so far... Honestly, without the box I would have thought it's the perfume of Sailor Moon characters! XD

Starrysky Perfume_shiki

The odd one out is of course - SHIKI! <3

But meh, judging the ingredients, it's more likely to be used by girls... for guys!? lol Interestingly, they will be releasing Tiger & Bunny fragrance too. orz This reminds me of the days that Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) start having his own fragrance...

Didn't see any promo about the fragrance on Honeybee's website though. Probably they're too busy promoting their release of Starry Sky CD drama Tears of the Polestar Another Story Zodiac Signs Vol 3 & 4.

I suppose... Honeybee will be mainly focused on selling voices. lol

Which reminds me! They have the Soine Kareshi series on iPhone at $2.99 per guy! XD


I can't wait until they release Suzuya, Miyaji and Shiki! <3

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