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@ International Convention Center Sydney

My first RTX! Held on the 4th - 5th February 2016!

Apparently this is the second year for RTX... and it's held at the ICC! I haven't been back since it was renovated. So I was relatively surprised to find how big it ended up being. Not to mentioned it have the best air con system compare to most of the conventions I've been to (particularly in this case during the hot and humid weekend!).

The post will be short and probably Kojima focused!
Friday Afternoon
I received a message from Ry regarding an extra helper pass for the RTX expo from his neighbour artist Emma. Due to the hot and humid weather, our cosplay photoshoot project was postponed, and so I decided to check out RTX since I was free anyway. First thing I look up was the schedule, but to find Norman Reedus pair of eyes staring at me in the event booklet! That's when I took interest in the new game to come called Death Stranding from Kojima Productions! (Yes I haven't been following the first person games news until when they're close to releasing...)

We arrived to the ICC half an hour before the opening and was surprised to see the crazy long queue... though part of the queue belongs to the Hunger Game exhibitions and/or Lego exhibitions. But whichever it was, I believe majority of the line belongs to RTX. lol

The queue is long!

The artists circle was small. Extremely small compared to all the conventions in Sydney! Most probably because of the price of the tables, plus the fact that you are required to sell original artworks and no fanart was allowed. I was surprised to see a few familiar faces, but mostly artists whom I have seen at Supanova previously. I guess the mix of artists are generally the same for all conventions.

Few floor shots...

I don't recall doing much to be honest. lol Though I did wonder around the venue prior to it starting on the dot at 10 am. Overall it reminded me of EB Expo, mostly because of the game companies and indie games stalls that was there with free plays and queues. You do get abit of the signatures queues as well, but I don't believe there was a photobooth with the guests.

I stood there for two hours of the panel without feeling tired! It was probably the most interesting thing all day for me!

What I enjoyed the most, and was the only thing that I really did was watching the 2 hours interview panel with Kojima Hideo as the special guest at the Center Stage! Apart from the VIP attendees, the rest of us stood there for 2 hours listening to the interview. I was glad my question that was on the back of my mind was covered in the interview, which was, why Norman Reedus!? Turns out Kojima is also a fan of him! Also a fellow Walking Dead (Norman Reedus) fan! Apart from the translation part that made it have abit of a awkward silence, otherwise, the Q&A was done well with Greg Miller being the MC.

The day ended past 6 pm without much announcement of the event finished, as there were still people wondering around the hall. =w=; We didn't have to wear the safety vest even, but as we won't packing up, there wasn't much to tidy up before we left the venue and off to dinner.

As we arrived to the venue, there was no visible queue in sight compared to the Saturday. It was most likely due to the costs of the tickets, and it is a relatively small convention. To think that it costed was more than EB Expo too!

Having more time to wonder around on the Sunday, I notice 1 artist and 1 vendor did not return for set up. For the artist, I heard there was a security that went through and checked if people were selling fanarts, and unfortunately, the artist only have fanarts for sell. As for the vendor... I did not find out the reason why but one only suspect a few things.

I did went to visit the Rooster Teeth store, since every attendees were heading towards their stores so I went to see what the fuss was about. I went out empty handed, since I didn't think the sale was that great.

It was at maximum capacity and people were told not to queue anymore. O.o

I finally found the theatre hall, which was completely off the hall we were located. =w= I went there just to check out the building prior to getting lunch and back.

On my way back I walked the wrong line (And I couldn't be bothered to turn back since I was half way already) and had to have my ID checked. Luckily I did have my wallet with me since I was out to get lunch. Other times I was out of the hall without my wallet since they sealed off the female toilets for staffs (?). =.=+

To wrap up the day, I went to another Kojima panel, only this time included the indie game designer Joshua Boggs, who is the director of the mobile game Framed! The panel was more relaxing as audience are seated and I was there with approximately another 400 fans. There was 180 fans before my when I got there 30 minutes before it starts.

Get to sit for an hour of the interview!

Overall, I enjoyed the new bigger and highly air coned venue even during the hot and humid weather (I'm sure the cosplayers was glad about it)! lol Apart from that, there was free WiFi (Though I only found out on Sunday). Not sure if Smash! next year will return to ICC... my only criticism is that the high ceilings made the venue looks dimly lit as with most of the high ceiling venues. It is definitely a more travel friendly location though, with a spacious balcony area which reminds me of the open space for cosplay photos at Comiket...! On a side note, finding a female only toilet was a pain.


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