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Brought to you by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo! Spin off from the popular Fire Emblem series, I wasn't going to play this as my life have been drained up by Onmyouji... but having seen friends started playing too, I've decided that I will play abit and then leave the account as it is. BUT it turns out to be highly addictive too. orz

Read on for those RJP fans!
The title is actually moving with a lot of known characters from the Fire Emblem series. Though I'm not bothered to wait until the ones I like to show up. lol

Kiran (Name Changeable) entered the world and met Anna, the Commander of the order of heroes who were fighting against Emblian soldiers. And somehow you could summon heros to battle against them.

Strategy turn base RPG with a simple slide to enemies / ally to attack / heal!

Summon heroes from the Fire Emblem series and create the ultimate team of 4 heroes to progress with the story, training, duels and special maps! Orbs (In game currency) could be earn from first play of the main stories and bonuses.

Stamina / HP recovers 1 points every 5 minutes to a maximum of 50 points.

Class Type
Red Attribute Heroes Sword, Fire, Beast
Blue Attribute Heroes Lance, Lighting, Beast
Green Attribute Heroes Axe, Wind, Beast
Gray Attribute Heroes Bow, Shuriken, Healer

* Have friends! Will give you random items from time to time! Add me! ID: 1865627757
* Take your time rolling the first summoned hero, as you could re roll it! I only found out after the fact and I couldn't be bothered to replay the who game. I think you have to delete and app and install again in order to do it...
* Log in daily for bonuses even if you don't play regularly!
* Have at least one healer on the team! They're useful especially when your heroes don't have enough HP.
* Tap on the heros at home which will give you items from time to time.
* When summoning heroes, it starts from 5 orbs > 4 orbs x 3 times > 3 orbs. That said, you could maximise your orbs gacha with 20 orbs. Though saying that, it really depends if you want those specific elements of heroes.
* Play special map to get more hero cards!
* Upgrade your castle with orbs to increase experience points!
* Select opponent with the lowest tier in the arena dual!

Stamina are pretty generous for this game and the graphics were quite smooth. I've only been playing on WiFi so I'm not sure if it made any difference. XD On a side note, I was happy to see Robin was illustrated by Fujiwara Ryou (See my recent post on the A3!)! The higher stars characters are voiced! That said, I was slightly disappointed that I couldn't change the voice to Japanese. XD

I thought I would play it more regularly but I got to the point where I have stopped playing as much as it got harder as I progresses. I think I've got some wrong members on the team. lol Personally I find the Red types are stronger, but at the same time they couldn't attack some characters... =w= Also noting that if you advance growth the character cards (Require character card to be more than 20), the character card will increase rarity by 1 star, but also revert level to 1. I advance growth my best card which was on level 27 and kind of regrated it. lol I should have spend those feathers on the most powerful character!

As usual, RPGs are for grinding!

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