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The Denpamen on Mobile!

Brought to you by Genius Sonority Inc and released just over a week ago. I have been playing this one on and off when they were on 3DS, namely The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave, The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves, The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll (Ok, I may have been a fan of something simple and consistent). Though saying that I did a quick look and notice I didn't play Denpa ningen no RPG FREE which was also on 3DS, guess it didn't hit to the eShop outside Japan!

From the looks of it, this game have to be the upgraded version of the free one! On top of that, you could play on your mobile anytime and anywhere (when it is safe to do so)!

Frequencies! Only available on the Jap store.
By chance my main is also white but a girl. Then I have the left blue girl and right red guy as sidekicks. lol Is it a coincident or!?

Since it's a RPG, that means it's a dungeon crawler game! Tap and hold to direct the Denpamen to explore the dungeons for treasures and battle various monsters!

You get to choose your Denpamen as the hero of the story by searching for Denpamen around the real world with the camera function!! I normally go by the looks. lol The better the star rating (Rarity), the more powerful they are. In the end, as with many other games, I generally think fire element Denpamen have the best attacks and there is always a need for a healer (Since one of the criteria is not have any Denpamen die during the stage). :P Build your team of 4 with a mixture of attributes!

There are 3 auto battle modes - Everyone fights, Ganbare (Uses skills) and Mamori (Protects). I generally run the Ganbare for short challenges and everyone fights to refrain from using up all the special attacks until it's near boss time where it gets replenished.

NOTE: You could have up to a maximum of 3 main character accounts!

* Check if you have clear all the criteria in each stage before opening the boss treasure. You still have a chance to clear them prior to playing the stage again.
* Look out for number of monster in the map. This generally tells your there are secret rooms / routes / treasures elsewhere.
* After getting equipment, make sure you give them to the team members as they add bonus stats!
* Get support from higher rank players! I find this is better measures as everyone would have a 4 star Denpamen as leader already.
* You should continue to play gacha as it increases your chance to get a 5 star Denpamen if you don't get it in your first pick.
* You could visit your friend's or popular islands! Check our their decorations and "like" their islands! You could like 3 island per day!
* Much like Animal Crossing, don't forget to water your plants! They will wither! I find the watering the plants abit hard when my grab tends to get the homes.
* They recommend capturing the Denpamen outdoor whilst pointing to various buildings. But so far, I seems to not have any detections of Denpamen. orz
* Highly recommend doing the event stages as they don't require stamina (HP) and tend to be shorter!

Unlike the 3DS version, I find that there is a lack of story and missions! Though it's a pretty nice little social game for those who likes to decorate their own island, rooms and characters with abit of dungeon crawling!

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