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Otome of Ikemen cafe

Brought to you by Deared! Almost thought it was a BL game until I see the word Otome. lol They were kind enough to release the Japanese version, along side with the English translated version at the same time! And due to this very reason, I was able to play on 2 different routes on android, and another on iPad. :P Pity they didn't have a 4th route (I could have done 4 routes at a time haha), but it appears they will be in the otome game industry on a more regular basis going forward!

Time to play otome games released other than Voltage Inc! lol
Suppose you could guess who are the major routes and sub characters... XD

Asahina Makoto (Name changeable) have been juggling between studies and part time work ever since her parents passed away 6 years ago. One day, all 3 of her part time works went into bankruptcy. Devastated by the bad news and that her sister Kotone may not have tuition fees, she was approached by two men who invited her to work at Cafe ma cherie. Due to the high hourly rate which could substitute her 3 losts jobs, she decided to continue to keep her gender a secret by becoming Asashina Tarou. Who will she choose as her trainer?


Kiryu Ryo
Shinohara Souta
Leo Brown

Sub Characters
Ichihara Ritsu
Asahina Kotone

Visual novel style with character specific routes and the use of story ticket! Upon correct answer for the route you would see love heart effects.

Ryo seems to know very well how the otome game market goes...

* Play daily with the 5 free diamonds replenished at midnight daily!
* Watch a video (ad) to recover a diamond hourly (Up to maximum of 3 diamonds a day)! Personally I didn't like the wait for this before my next diamond.
* Try to find the Lucky diamond that appears twice a daily, though it means sharing on SNS in order to get them. =w=
* Make sure you press on More (Read more) to earn more diamonds. You get at least 2 extra diamond compared to just watching the video upon no more diamonds, and the action could just be watching more video (ad), lol
* You could quit the game and replay the story and select a different answer if the love heart effect didn't occur.

I think the diamonds provided were pretty generous compared to other otome games that require story tickets nowadays. Though saying that, I didn't like how you need to tap on continue after each diamond spent. I would understand if it's for others who couldn't make up their mind and choose a character, so they would change between routes or even restart. But for experienced otome gamers, routes would have been part of the order of play already! :P

It does sounds abit embarrassing for a guy to say they work at the Ikemen cafe... meaning they have to be ikemen to be working there. lol Apart from that, the logic of how a girl could be mistake as a guy reminds me of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Aka Hanakimi) and the otome romance formula: the main guy character (Ryo in this case) knew Makoto is a girl from the start, the second guy character (Souta) who thought they fell in love with a guy and the ladies man gentleman (Leo) who looks after you like a kouhai (Newbie). Though I might be bias to be thinking about that due to the recent release of Hanakimi by Voltage Inc. Haha

To be honest, it didn't make alot of sense if Makoto was hired as a floor person to be trained by anyone other than another floor person or the owner themselves. That said Leo wasn't my priority. Going through the different routes so far, my preferred route order is Ryo (He might be all mighty in game, but I'm sure he's a TSUDERE... I mean just look at what he says in the main screen), Souta, and Leo.

I get a feeling the younger sister Kotone would show up soon to the cafe and actually start a love triangle sometime soon... if that does happen I would feel so bad for Makoto since she have worked so hard to support the family, obviously she spoils her sister to the extent that she would be willing to give up the feeling of love for her sister. *sob* Or I'm just simply thinking too much. Let's hope I am wrong because we need happy ends!

Play to find out more!

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