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Brought to you by Bandai Online, a Rhythm game starring on a dream stage where Idols debut at Dream Festival! Having some issues on the Android (And I deleted my account on iPhone too), I stopped playing for a while until the latest patch seems to have fixed it (Yeah I'm not so much the type to report issues experienced within the game :P). And apparently Season 2 of the anime in working have been announced too! Which makes me think was it really that popular among all the other idol projects?! Not to mentioned Tsukiuta also have a pre-registration for the new game release (No, this one isn't the 12 memories one on PSVita, but on mobile) called Tsukiuta Paradise!

Read on to see if you want to be a manager of this group too (My life have been drained...). lol
I wish they change the cover to Kurofune from time to time. lol

Amamiya Kanade
Oikawa Shin
Sawamura Chizuru
Katagiri Itsuki
Sasaki Junya

Keigo Kazama
Yuuto Kuroishi

The difficulties ranges from Easy, Normal and Expert.

It was hard to capture the bubbles on picture without losing combos, so I just left it as it is. lol

Simple tab as the coloured button hits the center white circle. The buttons ranges from green (Left tap), blue (Right tap), red (Left and right tap together) and yellow (Flick to the direction indicated on the button)!

All songs have a special 3D dance performance (up to 5 characters)! Though you don't get to choose the other characters apart from the main character on display, the other characters in the performance is dependent on the song of which band.

When fever is trigger, you would need to draw a shape that the character is going to draw within 3 seconds. This will trigger the use of skill of the character card which adds to the performance score.

But all that hard work is definitely for seeing fully voiced for the main story with the group's interactions and some backstage interviews. Otherwise, fanclub points could be used to purchase loot (Posters and badges) for room decoration! You could change your main character and put on your loot!

My room in making... Need to play more but it have to stop lagging first.

Each time you roll the gacha they become Dream Cards of a clothing / accessory item for your character. But fear not, as the card can be displayed provided that you have the character of the character card as your main character. The Dream Card could be leveled up through performance or via souls that you receive after performance.

* Add me! I've got two accounts but I have deleted the iPhone one since. Friend Code: 154378747543 (Please note this is different to the player ID!) I think this is the right one. lol
* Read the stories (they can be skipped) to get tickets!
* During fever, put your finger on to the starting point. This will allow you to score higher when you finish the same time as the character. The shapes ranges from diamond, heart and square (So far for me anyway).

I can't be bothered putting the character voices in... To be honest, the voiced component felt to me like spin off otome game sentences and they won't as good as the ones I normally hear anyway (Damn I think I've been spoiled by the experienced seiyuus). Though saying that, we still need to give young seiyuus opportunities for growth. That said, my person favourite is Keigo (mostly) and Yuuto!

I would probably recommend to play after watching the anime where the "story" would make more sense. Though saying that didn't get into the anime first. It's probably very similar to the Tsukiuta anime with some interviews and training practices... but probably more character developments since it's only focused on the few groups. It's a good game to kill time if you're only into music rhythm games. Since the loot requires ridiculous amount of fanpoints, it may take a while before you could "finish" the game.

On a side note, when is Idolish7 anime coming...

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