[Android] A+ Danshi ni Kakomarete

Surrounded by A+ Boys!

Brought to you by Day7! First thought was the A+ title reminds me of the of the Vitamins series and I was thinking what A stands for and secretly I've been calling it A5. But I seems to have read a little too much into it, and it's just a grading system. =w=

I have played their other titles such as Watashi (Ore) Danshikou ni Nyuugakushimasu and Hatsukoi wa Mahoutsukai No Oniichan I should really post those backlogs... haha Of the two mentioned I personally like Hatsukoi's drawings more. They actually have more games released, but since they are all in Korean I'm not able to play them. lol Wish I knew some Korean words!

At Seinan Koukou, students are divided into 4 ranks. C for those below average, B for those averages, A for the excellence and popular people and A+ for the school's elites! You (Name changeable) pass your ordinary day as a in between rank C or B hard working student.

One day you received persistent text messages from a Kurozaki Wataru and he hassled you non stop. Taking on your best friend's advise to stop him from messaging you further, you took a random photo of an ikemen and posted to your own wall with the words "Me Too <3" to prove that you have a boy friend. The next day, the words spread that you have started dating Tachibana Ren from A+ class...!

Tachibana Ren
Yuuki Shouta
Jinnai Takuma
Nikaidou Ryousuke
Kazuki Yuuto

Sub characters
Kurozaki Wataru
Sakamoto Sena

Your typical visual novel style with replies to increase or decreases love relationship with the character.

It's option time!

There are cute avatar items and ones that you could get for the characters also if you want to see them in different outfits during the story.

Include date (side) story that could be unlocked with coins.

And as with other games, there's missions (Competition) that you need to win in order to progress with the story.

I didn't understand why even though my character is in casual clothing and no longer uniform, that she still have zero charm compared to the pretty girl in class. What exactly are they measured by...

* Get 60 coins up to 5 times by watching short ads daily (Replenish every 24 hours)!
* Get 60 coins by tweeting!
* Earn coins by doing activities listed in the free coins get! Do so at your own risks. Personally I prefer just watching short ads!
* Although the pair looks uses less coins, the real avatar accessories that adds to your charm is only individual items purchase!

To be honest, the A+ part really confuses me as the bunch of the A+ ranked students looks like they're all gangsters. lol I feel that I'm constantly reminded of Vitamin series, except heroine isn't a teacher. I particularly like Tachibana since he's the Tsundere of the Tsunderes according to his profile. lol Though you only get to see that panic side of him in his view in the side story. But apart from that, I find his face palm cute and his continuous messaging to no response making him a overly protective friend. Haha My route priority is Ren, Ryousuke and Shouta. Though saying that the love meter is the highest for Shouta.

Interestingly, their games you could always continue with the story if you're not fuss about getting full love meter for each character. As such, I have actually skip the competition with the mean girl. lol Although Normal date and Special date CG could be attained, I probably won't be able to get the Happy ending CG.

I know I'll be playing the game slowly...

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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