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Brought to you by BeeworksGames Inc! Probably most known for the Mushroom Garden series, featuring the cute mascot Nameko from Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina (aka Funghi from Touch Detective)!

I first came across Nameko in plushies form and didn't know what it was until I have played Touch Detective which was on DS. They have since released on mobile too. Should totally give it a go if you like Professor Layton!

Just keep digging!
I believe the center Nameko would be the player...! XD

Story follows the player with Takeru who is in charge of developing their village, having consulting with the master and with the help of various skilled Nameko to build facilities, grow produce, explore for raw materials and grow the population!

Houchi game in Map style! With slight RPG vibe where you could customise the Nameko with fashion accessories, where some of the accessories have bonus stats to assist materials finding as you sent them off to explore.

Here's a snap shot of my Nameko village! XD Wish I could rotate the phone to take a landscape picture of the village since the width is longer than that.

* Fulfill all the quests as priorities in order to Rank up! The higher your rank, the more you could do and unlock the story! Looking at the number of underground level available, I would say the maximum rank is probably 50!
* When you couldn't continue with the quest, keep digging or upgrade facilities.
* Watch out for unique Nameko type at the traveller resting place and scout when appropriate!
* Ensure you have enough homes for travelling Nameko to live!
* When you have enough room to shuffle facilities around, try to put all the similar facilities and resting area together. It makes it easier to collect all in one go, as suppose to looking for them. Though saying that, you cannot relocate dungeon.

I find this more interactive than that of Mushroom Garden's original game. I'm guessing this might be translated to Mushroom home or village or Colony since nest sounds weird... lol It's cute to see the different Nameko walking around, helping out at various facilities, talking to other Nameko. The newly added function with decorating different Nameko is cute! Though you need to find the chosen Nameko in order to dress them. You could also vacate or relocate them. That said, it's similar to that of Tiny Towers by NimbleBit (See my post here) which was one of earlier mobile games that I got addicted to! XD

Pity that we couldn't decorate what's on the ground level, but everything else underground. I would have made the entrance look more grand. lol That said, other travelling Nameko wouldn't be able to visit (They do but they're only allowed to sit in the traveller's resting facility) unless they're citizens!

I wish they include some sort of natural disaster within the game to make it slightly difficult. I'm saying this based on an old game I used to play on PC called SimAnt The Electronic Ant Colony by Maxis Software Inc (No, I didn't remember the name and I had to google it! lol There was a phrase when my family was into everything SIM!). Like in the original Mushroom garden they would require some heater or watering system otherwise they will wither until they're harvested. They share similar logics (But even more complicated) but it was definitely not as cute as Nameko!

The game is best played on a tablet, though they allow you to zoom in (Handy!!!). Definitely one for fans of Nameko!

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