[Android] Sumatori Narisumashi Hanzai Torishimarika

Identity Taking!

Brought to you by Zappallas Inc. Known for Eternal Ring (See my post here) as well as various mysteries solving detective games such as Nakatta Koto Tantei (They had two games out of it)!

Featuring the famous scenario writer of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo and Psychometrer Eiji - Obara Shinji! The game is based on the popular smartphone novel - Six Doubts is about the alternative universe that exist next to our normal.

Drama x manga x game!
Friendly promotion of their older works at the bottom right corner. lol

There's 1 in every ten thousand people who have the ability to freely enter another person's body in this world. As such there are various criminal activities with those who take the money off from riches, satisfies their desire from those with authorities and powers. These people with these special abilities are called SumaTori (Identity Taking). And to catch these criminals are the newbie investigator Coleen and Senpai Keiji Masamune...

Hulk Masamune
Natori Daiga
Namuro Kento

Visual novel style that plays automatically!

Suma Tori Logic!

There is no options within the story but there is a bonus quiz where you choose between 4 different answers to the 5 questions! You get 30p (B rank), 50p (A rank) or 100p (S rank). So pay attention to the story and names of characters / companies / items!

Who wants to be a Detective?! XD

* Login daily.
* Observe for hidden truth within their conversation and actions.
* Pay attention to the story and names of characters / companies / items as they will be asked in the bonus quiz.
* Unlock side stories with the points earned!

One could imagine it being turned into TV Drama series... depending how popular this game is and hopefully the chosen actors could do justices with their different expressions! It was an interesting concept compared to the previous title, since they're not just studying one situation, but trying to catch this person who could basically run away by transferring into another living thing or even the detectives themselves (It was shown in the example of the whole idea, but they haven't done so in the story. lol Though it reminds me of the movie if they do that and arrest the detective in the thief's body...)!

To be honest, I think the way Nakatta Koto Tantei was done was better than this one. I felt almost I was just watching a Youtube video without voiced sentences when the "video" just plays forever. lol That said, I didn't do entirely well with the bonus quiz because of it!

If you have the ability, who would you want to be?

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