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Babysit Kareshi

Brought to you by Day7! Having played their other titles such as A+ Danshi ni Kakomarete (See my post recent here), this one was on my waiting list since it was voiced! Though saying that, I wasn't expecting it to be voiced in Korean. lol Let along without translations or text. orz

Nevertheless, the storyline is there and the illustrations are definitely makes it even more worthwhile to play (and learn some Korean... lol)
The character in the center is the Special staffs that is only unlocked upon Black level Membership!

You have been having trouble sleeping alone since the family car accident when you were in Primary School where you lost both your parents. After having a casual conversation with your friend in high school, you were told that her Cousin works at a place called Sleeping Delivery, in which the company sent staff to assist those who have difficulties sleeping. That night, you registered on the website and you could choose between 5 staffs,. Which staff would you choose?

Shimizu Daiki
Amano Touya
Itou Eichi
Mogami Kaname
Hiroseno Ai

Pick one of the staff (route) to continue! You could change between routes but I choose to stick with individual routes after another.

You could try on the (Half invisible but!) costume without paying! The Kigurumi are so cute!

The gameplay consist of 16 days (Surprisingly not 7 lol) with rotation of dates and parties as follows:
Date > Pajama Party > Date > Fullmoon Party > Special Date Time

His blushing face is just TOO CUTE!

There are three different ending per characters, with dates and Happy endings are the only events with CGs!

* One off pre-registration code gives you 3000 coins + membership upgrade (Depending which level you have, it'll be a level above. I've been upgraded to Silver from Green membership)!
* Login daily to receive 300 coins!
* Watch up to 5 short ads daily! Each ad gives you 300 points!
* CGs are unlocked and saved upon reaching an ending!

I like it how they allow you to reach normal end without costing any in game currencies! XD That said, I did quite well without reaching any sad end. lol I also like the nice little touch when you enter the player's name, it appears as a membership form! Though that signing off daily was abit redundant and actually reminds me of Mystic Messenger (See my post here). lol

Soinen Kareshi Delivery!

I think you only need a Yandere in this one to make the genre horror. lol Reminds me of Soine Kareshi, especially with the sleeping post picture with voices. Except you get to do more with this one where they talk to you or actually sing a lullaby! lol But I think it was more worthwhile to unlock the outfits more than the voices, given they're spoken in foreign language to me (Korean lol) as a track without any written words/translations and you will note that the outfit actually cost more coins than unlocking a track! lol Though saying that, it depends how much you want to unlock the Ai's route.

Personal favourite is Touya! Tsundere and childhood crush on you! Although it was mentioned that they usually get 20-30 years old clients, but Heroine getting Touya must be fate. lol His blushing faces were too cute! Surprisingly I went for Kaname initially who was indeed a good talker and Daiki was the kind Oniisan that you couldn't possibly pass. lol That said, because of playing them as my first two routes, I didn't end up having enough coins for Touya's CGs. REGRET! orz

Looking back on the game from an overall perspective... all their clients needed was just someone to tug them to bed? lol To be honest I wasn't overly fond of how material the game was with having to pay for clothing to enter those special parties. On top of it, when it comes to the staffs that are older than heroine, I would think they could afford the clothing themselves! I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that they all make this face when we couldn't go to those parties and we missed out. Especially when Ai makes an appearances at those parties were starting to put me off (Felt like Rich vs Poor). lol

s with all free games, patience will pay off! I can't wait to unlock all endings. The voices and Ai's route can wait!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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