[Cosplay] Sydney Animania

Animania @ ATP on 17-18 September

Okay! Let's get this over and done with and I'll head back to study for my exam! orz

This post contains the following cosplay photos:
* Katanagatari
* Starry Sky
* Hakuouki
* Macross
* DGray Man

WARNING: May contain constant fangirling

Went to Ry's place to stay over for the night, though main reason was Hehalana took the sewing machine to Ry's place, hence I had to stay the night there since I was sewing the *fail* shoe cover and a pink scarf for my Tsukiko (Starry Sky) for Sunday... Did a sloppy job then ended up sleeping around midnight.


Woke up at 7am... we learnt our lesson from Manifest that changing in the toilet is too time consuming after queuing for long hours. So we went there by car since our Aegis (Hehalana) can't take the train in her body suit - no toilet breaks either! XD So jealous when I saw the whole Robot Aegis in front of my eyes. >///< (My love for Aegis in Persona 3 <3) But nevertheless, I was cosplaying as Maniwa Houou (Ver 1.1+ lol) from Katangatari ready to see my group of 5 other ninjas! <3 Had to run around abit before getting into the car because Ry's dog was chasing my wired tail. His dog must think I'm a chicken. orz

Got there around 10:30am? Although having prepaid, we still have to queue. ^^; While waiting in the queue, I got checked twice by the security lady with my toy sword (Literally toy sword size) - so strict. Not long when we got to the under covered roof, Maniwa Kamakiri (Bubisadrunk) found us! lol our colours looks like christmas together. orz

By the time I got in, I rushed to Cosplay Prejudging... took forever to find since it's not on the schedule and volunteers didn't know where it was. orz But I managed to find it at the end of the artist table. It's been quite a while (2 years) since I last (And First) entered cosplay comp. The quality of cosplay in competition have increased significantly! Stayed there for quite a while waiting for my Maniwa Koumori (Haruki) and Maniwa Oshidori, and getting judged together.

After finally being judged by 5/6 of the judges, we left and went to the cosplay stage to find out that the cosplay show have started already. orz AND WE MISSED THE UTAPRI SKIT!!! (Despite seeing them backstage) *sigh* Luckily we manage to see Hehalana's P3 group! Just in time to take video!

Bumped into Okita (ChibiChocobo) just before we head out of the venue for Katanagatari group around 2pm outdoor. Finally! A non blurry photo together (Although I didn't turn to the camera because I can't see as my character)! XD

Gosh she looks super smexy as Okita! >///< *Goes into Otome mode*

First time seeing Maniwa Kyouken (Milk-n-HoneyStars), Maniwa Pengin (So cute! Only 9 years old!), Togame and Shichika in real life - only seen photos of them at Smash because I was tied to the Artist table. orz That's when we heard that we're not meant to be taking photos outside the venue. No wonder it was so empty outside. ^^; Nevertheless, we managed to get a few shots before we got told off. XD Many thanks to our Kamakiri's photographer friend Ray! :D

DSC3430 Edit
Maniwani power combine @ 50%

DSC3432 Edit

Right to left
Maniwa Kamakiri @ Bubisadrunk
Maniwa Kyouken @ Milk-n-HoneyStars
Maniwa Pengin @ Milk-n-HoneyStars's 9 year old cousin <3
Togame @ Milk-n-HoneyStars's BF's cousin
Shichika @ Milk-n-HoneyStars's BF
Maniwa Oshidori @ Dewmelen
Maniwa Koumori @ Haruki
Maniwa Houou @ Nabari (Myself! XD)

Got pimped by my lovely Sheryls (Celine and Kurako)

Had lunch then we went to see the World Cosplay Summit competition. And I never thought I would see PERSONA 3 FOR WCS!!! They even made their own video! OMG <3 I demand a live action drama/movie NAO! EPIC Orpheus normal and coffin version!!! Would have been great if they were in the cosplay skit too!!! Needless to say, the Evangelion group was the best, particularly the Unit 1 and 2 head they made... more importantly, they are very skilled in their script to capture different emotion. As expected from Tsubaki who won WCS in the first year. *nod* Really look forward to more WCS skits. <3 Such amazing people!

Not long after that I we head for Cosplay Catwalk. I tried my best to convince Shichika to go on stage but failed. And we missed Maniwa Pengin too. Can't blame the kid. orz But that's when I finally run into Ayuvi! XD

She looks so cool as Lavi!!! We look so red together!

Was so nervous when I had to lead the group to the stage... I almost threw up. ^^; The more embarrassing thing was that I didn't walk to the end of the stage because I thought we won't fit to that gap! (We had 5 people and we wanted to stand in a V shape!) Luckily Kyouken pulled me when they saw that I stopped half way. TvT So embarrassing... I felt as though I need to stay away from the stage for another 2 years again.

After the catwalk, we stayed until the result for cosplay competition... Dewmelen went to get changed since she only landed in the morning from Melbourne. ^^; Haruki also changed... did I mention the weather was ridiculously hot!? Wasn't feeling that well (Mainly sweating in the costume) so I didn't change until the very end of the convention.

As the cosplay judges were doing the award ceremony for the prejudging I was busy talking to my friends until Dewmelen nudge me when they mention Carmen who cosplayed as Maniwa Houou from Katanagatari for the... Master Makeup...? Jogged from the back of the room to the front of the stage, looking at the screen with my name and character, all I had in mind was "WTF"... when I "jogged" up the stage I got caught in my own tail. ^^; Was heading towards the girl with the badge then the announcer was like they made a mistake and all the judges was going "No, it's not her"... more "WTF" rushed around my head... IT WAS EMBARRASSING! Luckily... I got the award for the Master Crafter (Accessories) - the last award! <3 The girl judge dropped the badge into my hands and I ran off with it. Which now that I think about it, is quite weird because don't they normally help you put it on...? Anyhow. And when they finally announced the Master Makeup... They were like "Stacey... whose character and anime name was hard to pronounce...". I immediately nudges Dewmelen back when they gave that obvious hint. Dewmelen didn't believe it at first, until they were like "Stacey, whose Carmen's friend". LOL I knew it was my Oshidori!!! <3 We had a lot of laugh about it afterwards. Hopefully the community knows more about Katanagatari by now! XD

Had dinner at Din Tai Fung for the first time! YUMMY! <3 And then lovely Celine drove us home that night. YAY to no Train-ing! XD

My Master Crafter award with part of my Houou pieces <3

Lazy as usual because I ended up sleeping around 2am on Saturday morning just talking to Hehalana. Was suppose to meet up Haruki for One Piece Seiyuu signature when the convention starts... but I ended up going there later with Kurako. I was doing the eyeliner for my Tsukiko (Starry Sky) when Kurako came in dressed as Tomoe Yoh to my pleasant surprised (Because she said she wasn't interested so I thought she isn't cosplaying with us as a group for 2 days of the convention) which made me *happy* cried. orz Talk about being overly emotional. So I had to redo my crappy makeup again. :P

We trained it to the convention. And we tried to surprise Haruki and Dewmelen, but they didn't seem to be surprised. D: Anyhow, we hanged around the drawing area and pretend it is a classroom for our random photos. XD Along those photos I felt like nosebleeding when they do all the "In character" poses. *Goes otome mode* >///<

I can't help but laugh (& endless blinking) when I got these 3 Bishies around me XD

Left to right
Azusa Kinose (Sagittarius) @ Dewmelen
Kazuki Shiranui (Aries) @ Haruki
Tsukiko Yahisa @ Nabari (Myself! XD)
Yoh Tomoe (Capricorn) @ Kurako

Watched the Cosplay Skit then we head out for photos in the end because we heard that no body cares anymore after many complaints lodged against the securities?! XD So we went out into the cool breeze trying to "Sweat relieve" in the heat. lol Had the most random photos ever! I had Kurako who tried to princess carry me, Haruki who put her hands up my skirt while I was sitting on their lap... WTF @.@? Then most of the photos were of the bishies and no Tsukiko since Tsukiko doesn't have poses and exist only for harassment. orz I think that's why I felt dizzy on the following day.

Went back in for cosplay walk and saw Chibichocobo's group going on stage, but didn't end up taking a picture with her as Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. orz I asked Dewmelen to lead us to the stage because of what happened on Satuday lol. Ended up stoned for which was suppose to be 2 different pose to only 1 pose. Plus I was holding an expensive Telescope! XD Saw Ayuvi afterwards! XDDD But didn't take photos with her on camera. =3=

Didn't go to the result for cosplay competition for Sunday. Spent an hour and took blurry photos near the entrance of the venue. XD That's why Bubisadrunk finally found us~ and we very last minute ask him to be our night shoot photographer! Luckily he agrees~ and plus he put alot of effort into repairing all the grainy night photos (Because of the super poor lighting at night). <3

Starry sky winter
This was suppose to be the Starry Sky Winter version CG! The lighting was poor so we lay close to this building that gives off orange lights hence the glow effect! lol

Starry sky telescope
Our favourite picture of all! lol Closer to the street light, and YES WE HAS TELESCOPE! Many thanks for adding the stars Alan! <3

We head to the city to Takeru (Poporo) after the shoot... after walking all around city for food. orz Then we head to Purikura for our Starry Sky Purikura! XD

20110918 Starry Sky purikura
Realised I just need a Sensei then I have Bishies from all seasons! lol

That pretty much sums up my Animania weekend, then the next day I had the post about getting dizzy and unwell. orz

theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga


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Thanks Errido! :D

Do you live in Australia too? Or overseas?

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These are soooooo nice XD
I wish I could go!

Re: Ayuvi

No I think you look so cool as Lavi~!!! (I only have that picture of us together orz)I want to look cool too. ;A; (Need to learn "Manry" Cosplay)

lol Because there wasn't a picture of that I can't see my face! *covers face* Some of them were uploaded by the others already~ ;A; apart from that I try to keep my account as art account...

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Aww you looked so cute Nabari!! ^^ I LOOK HIDEOUS IN THAT PHOTO /orz

WHAT STARRY SKY PICS?! Why don't you upload them on your DA? :O


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