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Under one roof

Brought to you by Global Gear! This one is not horror genre (If it was, I would have never finished the game lol), it's more suspense and mystery. That said, it's probably closer to their Suki ni Nattara Make (See my post here) and Wakeari Doukyo (See my post here) where you start to find out more information as you talk to them, only difference is that it is in visual novel style! It seems like I'm going through the Visual Novel games listing recently...

This is one not to be missed!
Somehow I get a feeling that Shirota (Hero that is not shown on the picture) would actually look like L from Death note. lol

Within the sharehouse there lives 3 guys and 3 girls who attend the same university. One night whilst they were having a meal in the living, the sharehouse manager Shiroda was attacked from behind and lost conscience. After returning to his room and having thoughts on who the culprit could be, he realised that it would have to be one of the room mates. In order to keep his own life safe from the person who is after his life, he's surveilling the others. Find the culprit without being find out that you have installed the surveillance cameras!

Character names (and clothing) are colour coded! Makes it abit easy to remember (Visually)!


The screen room actually does reminds me of L...

Tap on the screen and tap either surveillance or investigate. Surveillance you would find out what they're doing secretly without them know. Investigate part you would go to their room and talk to them directly to find out more. You could also go and retrieve important evidence that could assist you in getting closer to the truth!

Will you be caught!?

Room mates may visit you suddenly as shown when the warning meter are half full. Choose the correct answer between the three options (Change the Subject / be honest / lie) to their question within the time limit or you will need to restart the chapter! There are multiple bad ends within a day (chapter).

It's more complex compared to the other visual novel games since this one requires you to think! Reminds me of the Nazotoki Dasshutsu Game Meitantei Billy (See my post here) with the multiple bad ends, but to uncover the truth was more about the keywords for this one. Would have interesting to see more Bad end CGs, even if I can't see the characters faces. lol The timer caught me off guard for abit, but does makes me nervous trying to get the right response even though the response are pre-defined. I like the nice little touch of inserting the floor plan... though I notice that does not form part of the evidence or conclusion who have alibi etc.

Spoiler alert
I think the story ended well with wrapping it all up by dismissing the sharehouse. To imagine how Shirota was still living with at least 3 of the others that have attempted to kill him and amazingly he didn't go crazy in the end. lol And surprisingly the only person that gain the most out of all the misfortune on Shirota was Yuzu! It was true that she did nothing and that all was due to the consciousness of the others to actually do it. I was under the impression that Akane would be the culprit or at least the cause (One would probably lean towards the Aikawa being the culprit because he likes Akane... because Yuzu's manga characters looks like them lol) since she's in the center, having red colour (Sign of warnings) and wasn't found to have done much suspicious activities. Not to mentioned that she's a debuting actress and the role she needs to take on. I was kind of hoping for more romance part to be involved in the story which didn't quite eventuate. orz
Spoler ends

The ending was slightly confusing to get to but I did get to it eventually (It may look like the bad end but ). Relatively short but worthwhile playing. Hopefully they do a sequel or similar gameplay with another story! Meanwhile, one could always go back and try to get all the bad ends (Though I don't see completion of it would have any special event out of it) or try their other title - Hannin wa Boku desu (I'll be trying it out even if it's an older title compare to this one )!


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