[Android] Dokkiri Kamikaihi

Surprises super dodged!

Brought to you by Global Gear! Obviously as I was going through their game list I noticed other games that was of interest to me. Such as this one with mini puzzles within the time frame of 31 (30 stages + 1 bonus credit stage) days! Reminds me of Mama ni Game kakusareta! (See my post here), only with better drawings and actual backgrounds! I find this one cuter though, mostly due to the effort in the drawings and the fact that there are recurring side characters who just love to tease the protag. Not to mentioned that the stages are shown in the form of a manga panel split!
Life of Protag!

Avoid all the surprised that's hidden into your every day activities! Save protag from the danger of surprises!

Tap on objects to trigger action for picking up/using!

Looking at their faces calms me for some strange reasons. lol Maybe because this mum is less scary as the one in Mama ni Game kakusareta!

* Tap on everything possible to collect items. Only 5 could be held at any one time.
* Not all items are useful.
* There are different ways to use items...!

I like it how you get alot out from the personalities of the characters despite not alot of words were used within the game! From the cheeky little brother (He's younger so I can't say he's bullying his brother, I'm sure he does it for fun only), to the friend who loves to pull a prank on you (I thought he was a bully at first until I keep seeing him hanging around the protag!), to mystical creatures (To be honest I think I understand why the brothers are scared of them, because I am too. lol). It could be said that everyone loves to tease the protag...! lol Our protag is too good to be mean to though! On a side note, I particularly love the stage that the mother appears and cooking and the protag end up cooking for the family (Willingly too)! There are some interesting settings which doesn't quite flow from one another but I do like how colourful it is.

It's easy and straight forward, though at times it's hilarious (Tricks and traps here and there!). lol You could always use hint and up to maximum of 3 hints could be given at any stage after viewing an short ad. There is some replay value with the last stage with Hi-scores, but I guess I won't be playing it again. Unless it's a sequel!

Recommended for those who likes to play short puzzle games!


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