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YES! It's that time of the year again where Japanese companies goes crazy updating various pages of their websites!

I haven't been posting one in quite a while but there were some decent effort this year too. The first one I notice was my line messenger follow of Nyankee high (See my post here) ... lol the rest are searchable on Twitter which seems to be the best place to share screen shots and comment. Everyone seems to be well aware of April fools Day, particularly people who are active on social media! As such it's getting harder to get better reactions.

As I don't want to spam on Twitter, here's the listing I came across...! As usual, screen capture might or might not be posted later. This post will be updated continuously today with new ones at the bottom of the list!
Tips on finding them
* Open all your game apps on 1st April to see if there's another special event going on!
* Check website of all your favourite companies or trending anime / games!
* Follow companies on Twitter!
* Updates generally comes from active companies or trending anime / games!
* Games with regular events updates would generally have something waiting for you to discover!

Neko Danshi Nyankee High School
In effort of the special day, they have gender bend the two main characters (Though there is only one Line account at the moment - Narumi is so CUTE! )! Gender bend have been a common theme on this particular day for Otome game industry for the past years. lol There's always one doing it! Though I was disappointed that they didn't managed to update the avatar icon too. I have neglected Kagetora for quite some weeks now that I got a message few days just before today. I messaged my replied to Torako but it doesn't feel at all too different. lol

Yumeoukoku To Nemureru 100 nin no Oujisama
Probably the best attempt I've seen all day today! XD From changing the cover from Ouji to Tamako (That extra dot!), a special one day event dedicated special prince story and awakening! To ace this event, play the special story and obtain at least 4 eggs. Merge the eggs and read the story! Do this twice and then awaken both special Princes (To be honest I like the Sun more than the Moon Prince. lol The story was just... Troll! )! I love the nice little touch of 100 converted to two eggs which makes alot of sense after you have awaken the two difference prince! XD Not to mentioned that there was a Tamaou (Egg King) which was in a different colour and had a crown! I wanted to have an egg army, but they only allow one character on anyone team. If only they do different element eggs... but wait, there's merchandise by HMM too (I SO saw that coming!)! Available for ordering until 11/04/2017!

A3! Act! Addict! Actors!
Unfortunately for this one you need to have played the game to see it. Gakuen themed! It's now called A4, aka Act! Addict! Actors! Academy. Even the Ojisan is finally clean shaved and wearing school blazer (I might be wrong now that I check haha This guy is known as the Prince of 1st April?)! XD They have even arranged to changed the context of what the character would say on the home screen...! They're voiced too! Some of the highlights include Itaru stop playing games, Citron talking properly and Misumi stopped loving triangles and his new favourite shape is now Circles...! Maru Maru~~~

Rejet Friend
Obviously playing on the anime title Kemono Friends... They've listing all the Otome Games Ikemen with some Kemonomimi in chibi forms! Well... I think it's just their tactics to sell more charms really... But would be nice if they do create an app with stickers like that!

Dynamic Chord
Featuring the Managers of each band as the main routes (This is better than Fandisk)! Who says secret routes doesn't have their own charm!? If only they really just do a special game just on secret route, we all don't have to waste our time playing some of the unwanted routes. lol

This one actually created a special page for it! lol It's Baby Project!!! And they're all in Kigurumi! I think I got conned to vote for nothing... maybe. We shall all find out once today is over! lol

Good Smile Company
They've changed their name to Cat Smile Company with alot of Nyans pending to release! I personally ensure the Nyandoroid series...! Not so much just on Otome Games, but definitely one for Cat lovers! XD And if you don't like cats, simply click on the bottom left corner on the cat paws to revert back to Good Smile Company.

Kamigami no Asobi - Ludere Deorum
Now here's a new game released just for the male "Gods"! Hitobito no Asobi Populus Deorum! Featuring only 1 human route on PrayGODStation 401 to be released in 2000017! I don't think I could play it in my life time. lol

Another in game one! Celebrating Tamaki's birthday also, they've changed the covers to include their retrospective Ousama Puddings! I must admit I keep closing and opening the app just to get the 3 different login screen captures! XD Apart from that they included the mini game Tamaki The Run, featuring in Super Mario style (Super Tamaki lol)! Tips for acing the mini game, collect only spoons and pudding! I actually run into the Ousama Pudding thinking it was Puddings to be collected... orz

Dream Festival
Another in game one! Your character on the home screen becomes chibi bear plushie!!! I'm relatively surprised that they did do something for it. XD But the joke just stops there.

Dame x Prince
Not overly thrilled with this one... Dame x Oji - introducing alot of new Ojisan characters!!! Even the staff's efforts wasn't up to scratch for the last mysterious Ojisan... I mean it's in black and white. lol Not to mention they're have Ojisan from various occupations from RPG ...! The Bandit 1 on the other hand got me. orz Could I look forward to a better looking Bandit 2 or Bandit boss (Just with sunglasses at least)?! Really... Dame for me. lol

Touken Ranbu
New collaboration with Thunderbolt Fantasy (I didn't watch it but I know my friend did)! Here's the video in question! I thought it to be legit until I see the release date on 01/04/2205! Not in my life time. orz I'm abit disappointed that the video doesn't get posted on Touken Ranbu's official site. Though I suppose the effort mostly came from TF, and they just got the permission to have the character cosplay...

Uta no Prince Sama
No I haven't quite forgotten about them yet since they are the Original Idol boys! XD Open invitation for their tea party for Prince Cat on their website where you input player's name (Only fit up to 5 letters), and answer a series of multiple choice questions as your progress with the short story. They need an autoplay function for it and pity it's not voiced. lol But you got to love the end to it... where they all transformed into cat plushies!

Osoumatsu San
Drama adaptation featuring 30 years later! So... it should be called Osomatsu Ojisan?! Love the nice little touch that the did with the cosplay photos and the cartoon caricature of them that is true to the original anime style! lol Pretty decent quality! That aside, their Twitter have been raided with Shingeki No Kyojin style Sanematsu and gender bend for their dice roll mobile game!

Another classic theme... 8 bits RPG - Heart Kyun Quest! Playing on the title Dragon Quest. To be release originally on 01/04/2017 but they've changed their mind and figure they need more time to create this game hence 01/04/20017! To be honest I couldn't' tell they was TsukiUta characters at all... except for the enemies bunnies!

Kuroko No Basket
Last game featuring Piyo version of the characters! Not sure if there'll be a basket ball or an egg (That suspiciously broken egg shell next to the title)... or they'll be the ball themselves. lol

Yoshinoya Gyudon
Linking to their twitter instead because of the announcement of an Otome Game Tsuyudaku Gakuen Life! Their food gijinka are cute! But that nose ring though...

Mystic Messenger
Probably my least favourite in game cover of all time. lol The special story requires 60 hour glass to unlock, but it comes with 23 extra CGs... so why not? lol Or you could simply replay the whole story in a different view of all the characters (Their avatar and their messages lol)... know what I'm sayin? ...hehe... (omg)!

Cocktail Ouji
Just a image for this one about having a drama adaptation... there's no extra link to see anymore details! Probably to promote their Princess Cafe collaboration. On a side note, you should pre-register for the game while you're on their website. lol

Fate / Grand Order Go
Got to love a game app created just for the occasion! Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen aka FGO GO! Simply tap to go forward, and when you come across a servant on the map, tap on them to attack. Interestingly your attack is 41 points damage (Because April 1st?)! XD Defeat enough servant to unlock special secret servants x 3 (Unlockable at 10, 80 and 158!)! There is a total of 159 servant to be defeated!

Kimi No Na Wa
I'm dying!! Some great ideas by KDDI (This is the real link of the source)! Instead of Your name they changed the title to Your Rope!!! And it's so legit, I mean that is WHAT the STORY was ABOUT no!? XDDDD Ok, it's called a hair tie but still. lol The other joke that's going on was the two companies Sharp and Tanita have changed account icons on Twitter and going through some of the story roleplaying. lol Another one on Twitter by Shobonano was Kimi no Nya wa featuring a cat. XD

Magic kyun Renaissance
OK, maybe I don't mind Ojisan after looking at this mess. I feel sorry for heroine to be going after ANY of these guys now that they're all drawn this way. orz

Houkago Girls Tribe
Not a game that I play but I'm now considering playing since they have gender bend Houkago Boys Tribe. lol

Ikemen series
Ikemen Yakyuu Koshien No Koi Somehow I wanted this to happen (Screams as I see SAKURAI!!!). That wiki link to April Fools Day which was disguided as a pre-register link brings me back to reality. orz

Back to the original Ikemen game series. They hosted a Ikemen shiri's Sousenkyo 2017 (aka Ikemen butt contest). As if anyone could tell whose they belong to! lol There's also a nice little false advertisement to the Ikemen Vampire page with historical figures as routes! XD

Hoozuki No Reitetsu
New season of Hoozuki to be back in October 2017! This is legit update except they've changed the title to Hoozuki no Kinpatsu! Reminds me of Gintama... wish they do other characters too! Can't wait until season 2! Yes I may have gotten carried away with the special news...

Idol Master Side M
Another in game only. M for Muscle...! 1 day event - Mission Is Muscle! Training include muscle building...

Show by Rock
Ailane the Dark Witch Movie to be in cinema in 2069 Winter! Include one music clip!

Oyatsu Company
New Baby star character announced since 3 months ago, Hoshio kun have now evolved to 3.5! Bonus inlcude wallpapers for PC and mobile. On a side note, I think they should consider making the dakimakura to the improved Hoshio to boost sales!

Love Kome
I can't tell whose who anymore with the drama adaption... lol On a side note, anime to be aired soon!

Boyfriend Kirameki Note
Featuring Kengo's healthy and quality vegetables! Cute, but I wanted a mini game. XD

VR Kanojo
Now we have VR Kareshi for girls! lol That Oshiri part... lol

18 Kimi to Tsunagaru Puzzle
The in game cover changed to 19 with the mascot sheep falling in the background. Fortunately, you are still required to only to link 18 gems together in order to activate the Goddess special powers. There's also a quiz which if you answer the qquestion correctly you'll get 19 Dream drops!

Ai Chuu
Not the first time since we last saw the characters turning into the Kuma Kouchou! This time with chibi characters in the home page and a special event song where the stage is filled with Kuma Kouchou!

Watashi no Riajuu Keikaku Henji Mattemasu!
And last one for today (I spent too much time on the Fate Grand Order GO... ), SEEC inc twitter have changed the title to Shitsuji to Riajuu Keikaku Okaerinasaimase Ojousama with 5 of the cleaner looking characters as Butlers. lol


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