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Tsumikui Puzzle

Brought to you by Operetta (Though released as IGNOTE Inc when it's not PC game)! This one got lost since I got my new Android phone, but I got around to finishing it within a day. lol It was released as promotion for the story original PC title Tsumikui Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori and with a slight variation in the title, this is a puzzle game version which happens after the story! Plus it have routes that are not covered by the original title (The secret routes!!! XD)! Also noting that the Vita version of the game is due in June this year!

Beautifully illustrated by Amatsu Nagi (Chibi characters by Niwako), though saying that I haven't seen other works by them previously. I generally thinks operetta tends to have alot of quality (and hidden) artists on hand. Not to mention this one is fully voiced too!
Ren seems to be the official route...!

After having surrounded by flash of mysterious lights, heroine and her partner have lost their memories. Touch the 4 different coloured Tama in attempt to recover their bits and pieces of their lost memories...

Nagami Ren (CV: Akabane Kenji)
Kamiki Morihito (CV: Ono Yuuki)
Kuga Shio (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)
Kuga Touji (CV: Takemoto Eiji)
Kuga Kagerou (CV: Yukishiro Ayano)
Tai Souta (CV: Enoki Junya)
Anzaki Tsukasa (cV: Miyazawa Shinichi)

lol The last two routes were so hidden that I didn't realised exist upon my supposed completion! A congratulation message will be shown upon loading the Album and asked you to have a look at the main story! Though that message would only come up once (Couldn't find it after I closed it thinking it was an ad).

Select your partner and play up to 3 rounds of puzzle to complete each routes! Upon clearing all the Tama you could continue to read the story, and there's an event CG at the end of each route (Total of 7 CGs)!


The items that are unlocked (depending on how many balls you cleared within the stage) are hammar which gets rid off 1 ball, scrolls which clears a cross mark (Up to 5 balls in one go) or the samurai sword which clears the row.

* Try to clear the balls from left top!
* Save the items until last!
* Adjust to sound effects and BGM in the settings. The conversation in chibi form was so hard to listen to!

Condensed version of the original with mostly character specific romance and less all that fighting (In forms of the Tama instead)...!

The interations between the characters are so cute prior to the puzzle! XD

I won't be posting the CGs that I've unlocked, but below are my thoughts of the character routes.

Spoiler alert
I think I have to say Morihito is my favourite route based on this game only! And I'm not the type that generally like long hair characters that seems like playboys! lol I love the fact that with Morihito, he's on this love and hate relationship with Kaoru. And I admit I do like abit of Oresama-ness to him. XD Which contrast Ren whose supposed to be the official route (since he's on the cover!) is probably too normal for my liking. XD Shio is probably my second favourite but I didn't like how he addresses Kaoru as Sera, but otherwise his route was pretty sweet too. =w= Souta is probably the next runner up which reminds you of the first crushes in schools (apart from his sister complex lol). The remaining routes are not so worth mentioning (They were just friends and family type of relationships, not so much romance) but you get to learn about their character personality. I was probably most put off by Touji's route... haha I can't deal with Ojisan characters. orz Though saying that, I didn't mind his chibi form. lol
Spoiler ends

I would say based on my play of this that we should try out the original story as well - definitely worthwhile!

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