[LR] Forth round! SydAni Cafe

School Festival themed pop up cafe!

After much talking, I managed to drag Akimi and Kaya to the forth SydAni Cafe was held on 9th April 2017, the Sunday that just passed! It all balls down to the food range - the Oden (Them and their Osomatsu obsessions)! And... the last minute cosplay challenge by Akimi to do Ikuya from High Speed! Free! Starting Days!

I ended up having to borrow the wig (and Gakuran top) from Haruki due to the short notice - though saying that, I did't see myself as the type to wear green wig at all to go and buy a new wig for it. lol Regardless I was thankful for the help from the friends and got to do a literally "Free!" cosplay!

Photos below the cut.
Initially we intended to go the afternoon session (Since there were alot of sleepyheads in this group), but because they downsized to only 1 session, we had to shift the mini shoot after the session.

I thought extra 15 minutes before the booked session would be sufficient, but turns out majority of the group was running late. Nekomot said I should have planned to get there an hour early, but I had faith in the others (Only to be crushed lol)! After the whole group arrived, we had to resolve incomplete cosplay hiccups and we finally arrived to the cafe 25 minutes late. lol I didn't even realised the phone had been ringing so many times too, so it's right that we've been told we were late (Twice by two separate staffs - Kashima and Mikorin lol). Yup, we were the delinquents (And they're really, side kicks of the show) that doesn't go to school on time. Also reason why for the lack of photos (and quality lol ).

One of my worst fear was that we had to sit outside last session, came true for this session. This round because of the School festival theme, it was mostly self served with vouchers to redeem food and hence they didn't have tables indoor. The venue, which was at Chattie's Komachi is relatively small. At first I thought they were all waiting for everyone to turn out since the way they put the chairs against the wall (Glass) made it looks like seats for queuing. Though I was glad that we sat outdoor since it was abit hot in the Gakuran uniform. Plus I need the table for the food photos! XD

Quality food photos!

There was also shaved ice and fairy floss available for purchase, but we didn't get it since it was abit windy (cold) and would become sticky. I didn't have a chance to try the Takoyaki but apparently it's good (They had extra serving compared to what was shown on the table)! But I think I've got the best of the food menu! The traditional Japanese recipes of the Beef Curry and Oden! Both with cutely cut flower shaped carrots and radish (On a side note, the cutlery they gave us for the curry was dessert spoons / sporks lol )! I also taste tested the Matcha Pudding and cheesecake, but both were abit watery to my liking. Perhaps the fruit on the cheesecake should have been a strawberry. XD Cakes with strawberries are the best. lol Yakisoba portion was surprisingly smaller than the curry, and didn't have as much green compared to the original photo. Sometimes the photos could be abit deceiving. =w= But regardless, I was glad with the choices I made for food!

Bambi, Nekomot and I each got a different drink for this photos. XD I really like the shape of the bottle!!!

The said 3 games that was available ended up being only two. One was hidden and not looked after since we all know the soft cushion rolling was more popular...! After that, most people started just throwing the cushion to the bottles. lol I knew it was more effective that way. haha For those who managed to get 5 bottles knocked down in one go would get a small prize.

Game prize that I got was a Polaroid book! Placing the print out of the photos SydAni Cafe gives me everytime I went back.

I went in early to the gift and raided a what I thought was a note book, but turns out to be a book to store polaroid to my pleasant surprise! Wasn't sure what polaroids I want to put in, since I have more polaroids than the number of space available in the book. lol Akimi and Bambi ended up getting the seizure fancy light cups which I got from round 1 of SydAni Cafe (See my post here) as second prize!

There was only one dance performance this time round which was based on the popular dance routine in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu! And the second performance was with attendees participation of the same song... I recall Akimi mentioned previously that she have dance it previously in the past so we nominated her to do it. But I ended up joining (It was one way or the other lol). The practice took abit too long and the last practice speed was too lowspeed, then the real deal was too high speed. lol My favourite move the was swimming like part which my mind went off to splash free song instead. XD

We all got extra cookies for this session! XD Ok, I actually had extra extra cookies since they weren't named this time, but I didn't take a photo of it properly this time because I was busy eating them. The cookies are always the best! XD

Here's one with the crew before I headed off!

For those who missed out, there will be a round 5 of the SydAni Cafe on 25th June 2017 (Yes we're getting decent break from it for abit longer, but it's after Supnaova!) at the same venue! The theme will be Butler Cafe...! But it should be noted it's not the exclusive to girls...! XD

It's definitely so much better cosplaying as a group! After the session, we went off to do a mini photoshoot. I think the highlight of the day was in the food court as we were leaving when two girls coming up to us and asked if we were cosplaying as characters from Free! and if there was a convention on that they didn't know about. We had a short chat about today's event and then a quick group selfie and was asked if we will go to Smash to which I replied we do but not as Free! characters (Since I'm normally with my usual cosplay group for Smash! You guys always have a spot in the convention cosplay group!). I hope we could find that picture online somewhere... lol

I probably won't post the shoot photos for this post, but below was a group shot before we got soaked in food smells. lol

High Speed! Free! Starting Days
Kirishima Natsuya @ Akimi
Shigino Kisumi @ Kaya
Kirishima Ikuya @ Nabari
Photog @ Bambi
Edit @ Akimi

Pity I didn't get to use the Polaroid machine I've been carrying all day because when I realised it, it was too late (It was late too lol). orz On our way home it started pouring, and my bet on the 80% chance rain and have brought an umbrella have proven useful! XD


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