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Otome French restaurant!

Brought to you by Chronus Inc! From their first Ikemen (Otome) game series Doki Doki Renai Panyasan (See my post here), Doki Doki Renai Italian (I believe I didn't do a post when the drawing style was that of the Panyasan. lol) to Dokidoki Renai Onsen Ryokan Panyasan (See my post here)! It's probably obvious that I'm going backwards (Sink backlogs lol) with games releases. orz

Despite being a short game, there is a story and a love triangle!

Committed to fulfilling her long dream to be owning her own French restaurant, Anna received a letter which offer her an opportunity to work as a apprentice of a famous French restaurant in France. Upon arriving to the restaurant in France, Anna discovered that the restaurant was a just normal French restaurant ran by Ikemen French chef Joseph. But due to thhe language barrier, Anna starting working along side with Joseph. Although Joseph has a fiancee Emily who he unwillingly become the fiance (as her parents are the landlords), he seems to have taken an interest in Anna!? Meanwhile, a Japanese violinist Kanato started working at the French restaurant and is Anna's next door neighbour...


Endless cycle!

Collect ingredients, study the recipes to make delicious bread to earn money! To progress through the story you need to fulfill the required recipes (Total of 60 recipes/chapters) and/or sell enough. Good thing with these games they don't worry about the costs of ingredients (Unless you want them instantly which could be purchased at the shops at premium prices, otherwise, grow your own)!

* Only purchase new recipes for the shop and upgrade the farm and restaurant.
* Only purchase ingredients last to finish off the last few recipes to finish the story because by the time you have purchased all the recipes and upgrades, the money doesn't matter anymore!
* Share on twitter after each new recipe is unlocked to get full replenishment and 2000 in game currency!
* Buy ingredient to earn more money! It's not how much you have saved, but how much you keep earning in order to progress with the second half of the game!
* Serve recipes from bottom to up, because they tend to bring higher return (Sale price).
* If you accidentally skipped the chapter (or to be read later), you could revisit them at the top left hand corner in the

There were more decent side characters in this one being the loan sharks as seen in the Dokidoki Renai Onsen Ryokan Panyasan (See my post here) who are still known as Guy 1 & 2! lol Plus the sidekick Butler to Emily!

Every time I go into the story mode I always accidentally click on to Chapter 4 in which Emily make her appearance! lol

Spoiler Alert
Personally prefer Joseph over Kanato because of his pushiness (And Kanato had the violin glued to his neck throughout the story - yes, they didn't have another in game still for him). lol I mean, Joseph is the chef and he does what Anna have always dream of doing right?! XD I also find it funny that all that oresama vibe and those harassment were all blamed on the half French bloodline that he have (I enjoyed reading it but lol)? But the story throws me out, and the route that I always enjoyed more always doesn't end up being the official route since there's always a side character on the side for them even if it doesn't work out with the heroine EVERY SINGLE GAME (Why am I still playing their games??? XDDDDDDD). Which reminds me of why I never typed up the post for Doki Doki Renai Italian! xP Makes me feel sad in this one since Joseph loses everything... the shop and in love. I was almost certain Anna felt something and isn't as bad as he found out on the night when he was at Anna's place. ; w ; Regardless, Joseph ended up staying by their side at the French restaurant... without any further note about Emily.
Spoiler Ends

Nothing overly French in this game probably apart from the recipes... and that Joseph is half French? But the focus all went back to Japanese...! lol Despite what I said in the spoiler, it's still worthwhile playing whenever time allows to read their love story.

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