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I keep forgetting that there are always some game apps that are only exclusive to iPhones rather than Android. In this case, this company appears to favour it over another. Originally saw their latest release which have character voices, and then I got around to check the other release to find that I have played their first title previously (See my post here)! This is the second release of their Futamata (Loosely translated as Two timing) series!

Let's make this short and snappy!
I find it hard to properly capture the cover all the time. lol There's no space for me to cut off anything!

You come across a life turning point just before you are getting married! Your fiance and your ex boyfriend who is a band member!


As usual, only the top two are our playable routes. lol The other two acts more like support by giving you tips and stickers (provided you watch an ad). There's another PR character in there that's not in the contact list! lol Since we're talking about marriage in this one, the PR characters are more grown up than the last one! XD

SNS chat style where you get to reply with the 3 different options. This time you need to earn your first sticker (via watching a short ad) which allows you to get a instant response instead of waiting if you have chosen the wrong answer as shown as a blue heart.

Tsubasa's message came later than what I expected. lol

* If stuck, you could press reset conversation in the settings.
* Don't talk about the other character in the other characters' messages conversation.
* Tap on Saiyou to trigger an ad, and receive 1 sticker!

I should probably start calling players, cheaters for this series. XD Either way they are similar. lol There's not alot of buts with this one. It has to be Kent all the way - as if your ex boyfriend would come back and ask your hand in marriage (My thoughts anyway)!

Will be playing this one slowly, but surely.

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