[LR] "Manry" Makeup

My cosplay needs Manry-ness

Was talking to my fellow cosplayers about next group cosplay and we started talking about who looks good (facial features & height) as a girl/cool guy/cute guy every since our Starry Sky cos.

I was classified into...
A cute girl (Due to the lack of a curvy body orz) and a cool guy! (LOL I seriously thinks I suited cute guy aka Shota because of my height, but I could live with cool! XD)

Was totally debating whether to do a girl/guy cosplay for the next cosplay.

It is noted that I need to increase my manry-ness so I need to learn & practice manry makeup! And the next thing was Dewmelon txt me this picture last night! XD

KAZAMA MAKEEEEEEEEEEEE >//////////////////<
manry makeup

YES I intend to learn this make over the holiday after exam for our Chinese garden shoot to kipnap my lovely Oyomesan Chizuru~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This time I promise I'd do a better job with my wig since I don't have artist table this time. <3

Apart from that, I think I'd stay away from Japanese kimono cosplays for a while... (Since they offer very limited room for high heels orz)

Despite having said that, I will be doing Kagamine Len From Vocaloid sometime next year! (Bought the wig at last! After saying it for 2 years now) XD


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Re: Tammu

Awww thank you Tammu! *glomp* That gave me abit more confidence about doing Kazama again! <3 (After the failing wig at Smash orz)

I think you fit as a cute guy & cute girl! :D

No title

Kaaaaazaaaaamaaaaaaaaaa *w*
I think you definitely fit as a cute girl + cool guy~ not like me haha *has fail body* xD


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