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My play history of VR games

Recently I tried out VR games for the very first time at a Ry's place over the long Easter weekend! [emoji:v-353\]Below are the list of games which I had a short play for and which I would comment on under the cut!

* Ocean Descent
* Fruit Ninja VR
* London Heist
* Summer Lesson
* Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live

There wasn't much pictures of the gameplay since I was playing most of them, except I got tired by the time I played the Miku one. XD
Ocean Descent
This one was part of the PlayStation VR Worlds! I wanted to control or grab onto anything but it wasn't possible as this one was where you simply watch it all happens before you. Ry said that it's the best thing to show someone who never come across VR previously - I would probably do the same too if I ever invite a friend over to test it. XD I have been spoiled at the beginning that "something" (I'm keeping it a secret lol) would appear at the end of it and also I did the play whilst being seated down (Generally should be standing for that one) so I probably haven't experience it fully. I even went out of the cage when I fall backwards to avoid "it". I felt so left out when everyone else disappeared and pretty much left me there. lol

Fruit Ninja VR
To be honest I have never been a big fan of Fruit Ninja, but I did play it anyway! lol Compared to the phone or tablet version at the arcade, using the motion controllers as swords definitely change the way I feel about the game. Though I wished to be able to slice the fruits into even finer pieces... That aside, it was interesting that I was able to move some fruits on the floor after they were cut. XD I think I would like to be able to pick up some fruits with the other hand whilst having one of the katana in the other. XD

London Heist
Compared to another shooting game - Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - that I tested also on the same day, London Heist has got to be the best shooting game around! I love the fact that you use both motion controllers in replacement for your hands (Though you do see the shadows of your hands). I literally tried to grab everything I see around. lol Since I was playing unlocked stages that Ry have on file, I ignored most readings. One thing I didn't like was when I dropped an item (Apart from that because I threw it towards the target without reading instructions lol) I wasn't able to pick it up (It looks like the general flaw of VR games), despite they would mysteriously returned to the first location where you picked it up. I did one standing which was similar to that of Virtual cops or House of dead series. The other one was of highway chase where there was abit too much motion at the end of it. I had the time to fiddle with everything including trying to grab the NPC's drinks or shoot him but he's invincible. lol

Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto
I've actually seen the gameplay for this one prior to playing it. I don't get why they didn't allow you to pick up the phone from the very beginning... but only after the introduction was done. Who would listen to a phone on the table with the speaker on anyway!? Hikari's room ended up being alot smaller than what I saw on Kada's gameplay. That aside, I didn't think there was alot of teaching that happened. lol I mean most time your character was glued to the chair that Hikari have given you - pretty much this is your spot from now on and forever! lol Hikari love leaning forward towards your face so I kept moving backwards every now and then. You get to unlock different outfits and have something to share with Hikari such as eating the cake which was ridiculously small. I failed feeding her and managed to dropped the cake. lol Again I was unable to pick the cake back up (3 seconds rule lol) so I felt guilty and gave her another chance the next day. Yes I know very well that it was a cake in the fridge... which was a day old. XD It does get abit boring when the options are around the same.

Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live
Wasn't shown this one until I saw it on one of Ry's game list and I asked about it. Pity Miku was your only character option. I would love to see other Vocaloid characters to appear on stage too. Would have been nice also if they do an event update for Miku's birthday.

Somehow Ry's head isn't straight. lol

I did enjoy it but not as much as performances in real life. I was probably more disappointed to see only glow sticks but not enough light signs. They do have different items and clothing the more you play such as a light saber and tambourine, which I find hilarious if I were to see someone use one at a live. XD Apart from that the choice of location was interesting and is definitely better than real life. As I was exploring what I could do in game, I find that being able to transport instantly between all places was funny if it were to happen in real life. lol

One on one special performance.

I prefer the concert versions over the encore where it was one on one. The crowd really does set the atmosphere right - from the way they wave the glow sticks (I've seen how fans do it in real life too) and chanting the character's name (We normally shout Encore)!

VR experience
Generally speaking, I didn't like the heavy eye piece and then on top of it the headphone. lol if that was the case I probably prefer wearing a helmet more. I think VR is generally best if you have bought one for yourself instead of trying at game conventions (Think of the hygiene)! There was no doubt able abit of sweat even through the short gameplays I had. Apart from it, wearing glasses didn't help. lol Why would I do that? Well I didn't even know I was going to try VR on the day at Ry's!


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